After renaming the computer name where the DocuWare server modules are installed, the services won’t start.

*Note: Renaming a DocuWare system is not part of the standard support contract; therefore, if you want DocuWare Support to perform this task for you it could be done as a Professional Services task for a fee.

The computer name is stored in the DocuWare server settings, which have to be changed to adapt the settings to the changed name. In the following description you can find a detailed explanation on how to change the server name settings in the DocuWare system database and configuration files. In this article, we assume that all server modules of DocuWare are installed on one machine. DocuWare internal database (MySQL) is used. If you use a different database, you have to change the identical settings, using your administration tools.

If you are not sure about the computer name, right-click on My Computer and choose Properties -> Computer Name. If a domain name is attached, please copy only the computer name without the domain.

Open the Management Console (MySQL Query Browser) and choose database DWSystem, table DWServer. Change the field machine_name and the name in the fields: name, connection and settings (not shown).

The following MySQL script will change all these at once (if you are using Query Browser you will need to use New -> Script Tab):

Set @NewMachineName =  'NewMachineName';
Set @OldMachineName = 'OldMachineName';

update DWServer set machine_name = @NewMachineName;
update DWServer set name = replace(name,@OldMachineName,(@NewMachineName collate utf8_general_ci));
update DWServer set settings = replace(settings,@OldMachineName,(@NewMachineName collate utf8_general_ci));
update DWServer set connection = replace(connection,@OldMachineName,(@NewMachineName collate utf8_general_ci));


declare @NewMachineName varchar(max) =  'NewMachineName';
declare @OldMachineName varchar(max) = 'OldMachineName';

update DWServer set machine_name = @NewMachineName;
update DWServer set settings = replace(convert(varchar(max),settings),@OldMachineName, @NewMachineName);
update DWServer set connection = replace(connection,@OldMachineName,@NewMachineName);
update DWServer set name = replace(name,@OldMachineName,@NewMachineName)

*Note: Alter the 'NewMachineName' and 'OldMachineName' accordingly.

Open the settings file of the Authentication Server, Workflow Server, and Notification Server (DWAuthenticationServer.exe.settings, DWWorkflowServer.exe.settings, DWNotificationServer.exe.settings). You can find the files in the program folders of the servers (e.g. C:\program files(x86)\DocuWare\Authentication Server, C:\program files(x86)\DocuWare\Workflow Server, C:\program files(x86)\DocuWare\Notification Server). Change the computer name in the section ConnectionSettings and SwitchServerProviderChannels.

*Note: DocuWare 7.4 has done away with Notification Server, changes will only need to be made to Authentication and Workflow Servers.

Please start the DocuWare services now. There may be errors during startup (just ignore them; this is not a problem at this time). Login to the DocuWare Administration tool and change the computer name at the following places:
DocuWare System > Database Connections > Authentication > Connection Parameters > Database Server Name > [Change]
DocuWare System > Database Connections > Workflow > Connection Parameters > Database Server Name > [Change]
DocuWare System > Database Connections > Notification > Connection Parameters > Database Server Name > [Change]
DocuWare System > Web Connections > Machine, Internal Address, and HTTP root directory > URL > [Change]

Changes need to be made to other settings files as well:

Platform Web.config (default location is C:\Program Files\DocuWare\Web\Platform):

DocuWare.PlatformModel.settings (default location is C:\ProgramData\DocuWare\ServerConfig):

Please restart all DocuWare services and try to login to DocuWare.