• RE: Printing not working from Internet Explorer

    I think we've seen the same behavior here.  Are your clients running Win10 & using print as PDF?  We haven't found a root cause yet, but something appears to be mishandling the hand-off between Acrobat Reader & IE.  We see the acrobat process spin up when the print tab pops open in IE, but nothing ever displays.  However - refreshing (F5) the grey tab will display the document and the print dialog will pop.  

    Now...if the original tab is left open (or another document that was printed), additional documents can be printed without issue, but as soon as all the documents in the print tabs are closed, the Acrobat process spins down and the same grey tab appears in IE for the next print attempt.

    Chrome & Firefox don't exhibit the issue as they appear to be using their own PDF engine, so no interaction with Acrobat Reader is happening.  That's my theory anyway.  I don't think this is a DW issue - I have heard reports of a similar problem between a couple other internal products, but have not observed the issue there.
  • RE: Find every 20th Document Submitted

    The "is (where)" in the 2nd column is actually your "like" qualifier.  So I think just include the value you want in the last column "*.00" should do it.  Not sure if you would need quotes around it - whatever you would use in a search dialog can go in the list definition.

    You would only use "%" if using an actual SQL statement.
  • Check Windows Installer Cache

    Check the windows installer cache for any DocuWare MSIs.  It is a hidden folder, even with 'show hidden folders' enabled, so go there manually - C:\Windows\Installer.  You'll want to add the author and comment columns to find useful files.  It could be something is still stuck ... so right click on the MSIs and choose uninstall.  Not sure if that is the issue, but worth checking.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but stapling isn't a file cabinet function - it can only happen in the document tray.  Each document tray is now its own little filing cabinet (essentially)....so the FC GUID it is looking for is probably the GUID of the document tray and two (or more) DocIDs of documents in there.  You can CLIP to a document in the FC with a document in a Tray.

  • Joe,


    It could be the result dialog you're using has the option set to display first document immediately?  Even if you choose the file cabinet option in URL integrator, the FC still has a default result list...

  • Use SQL Command or DB View

    If you can enable the SQL command, you can specify a query to a certain group.  I split it onto multiple lines so you can read it, but I think it will need to be a one liner.  If that isn't available...you could make a view from the same query, which should then show up in the table dropdown.  In theory anyway.

    select dwuser.name from dwusertogroup

    inner join dwgroup on dwgroup.gid = dwusertogroup.gid

    inner join dwuser on dwuser.uid = dwusertogroup.uid

    where dwusertogroup.gid = <yourgroupid>

  • Full Text Server Properties

    I can't speak directly to DW7 & its specific versions of Tomcat and SOLR, but in the end it is still just a Tomcat instance.  Check out the Tomcat server properties - it could be the JVM is hard coded.  

    From an elevated command prompt, navigate to the install directory of FT Server.  Run the configdwtomcat.cmd file - you'll be able to edit all the settings for the Tomcat server...RAM, JVM startup properties, etc - and the path to the JVM Tomcat will try to use.  Make sure that has the correct path for the SDK you just installed.  


  • Run Setup?

    You may just need to run setup again and select the Engine from the component list.  That should drop it in there and you should see it light up in the DW Control Panel.  Workflow Server and Workflow Engine are 2 separate items on that checklist.  

  • Workflow Engine

    Hi Joe,

    Casey, you beat me to it.  Workflow Server (along with BPS in DW 6.11+) runs the built in workflows that DW offers - UserSync, Delete, Export, etc.  Those tasks (if I recall) will eventually all transfer to BPS as each new version is released.

    Workflow Engine runs the flows you build in the designer tool and can get quite complex.  So yeah...if you dont have Workflow Engine installed, those workflows won't run at all.  And I echo Casey's surprise in that you could even create and/or publish a basic WF - I thought Designer connected to Engine somewhere along the line to do publishing.  Engine is a separately licensed product.

    Your third bullet refers to an option in the admin client (or somewhere else in web admin now?) - you need to turn on the cabability of a cabinet to use a workflow.  It may not show up until Engine is installed.  Another tab called "Tasks" will show up in the WebClient once everything syncs up and a user gets a task assigned to them.  Or something like that anyway.



  • I think check your quotes,

    I think check your quotes, NOT should be outside, otherwise it would be looking for NOT in in the index value.  NOT LIKE "*COMPLETE"   might do it...