• Signature on Documents

    I hoping someone can help me find a solution to this within DocuWare. Currently we have delivery tickets that are being signed by out customers. The unsigned document is being sign in DocuWare, printed out, then signed, and then scanned back into DocuWare. It is very inefficient. 

    The forms option will not work, due to the information on the document being completely different each time and it is a lot of information to type in at once, consider it is already typed on the document. This info on this sheet is actually populated off an excel sheet. 

    Is there another way for DocuWare to place a signature on top of an existing document, sort of like DocuSign or Adobe Signature? A signature stamp will not work, our customers are the ones signing the documents. 
  • Out of Office and Redirection of Workflows

    I see where a user can mark that they are out of office in DocuWare, but I don't see how the workflow task can be redirected to another user. Where is it located to assign the task to another user automalicatly? 


  • Document Tray: Index Cards View/ Index fields

    Is there a way to change what index fields are viewed when ulitizing the Index Card view in an auto indexing document tray? 

  • Email Notification in Workflow for Outside users

    Is there a way to set up email notifications for outside users in a workflow? This particular work flow involves payments and we want an email to go out to our vendors when the check is cut.

  • Forms: Web & Merge Form

    Is there a way to utilize both the web form and the merge form feature in DocuWare? We need to use the merge feature to copy the data on muliptle forms, but also want to keep a copy of the original web form.