How to convert existing keyword fields into "unlimited" keyword fields in DocuWare 6.8?

The following article describes how to achieve unlimited keyword fields for existing keyword fileds:

In DocuWare 6.8 the limitations of keyword fields like 20 characters per entry and 64 entries per keyword fields are not existing any more. Now you can unlimited keywords with a maximum of 255 characters per entry.

If you want to convert existing keyword fields into the new type of keywords you follow these steps:

  • Open DocuWare Administration
  • Add a new keyword field to the file cabinet◦Make sure they are added to all Store- and Search dialogs where the old fields show up
  • Create a new Autoindex workflow
    • Type of external data source: Database Connection
    • Iterated records: File cabinet
    • Database Connection: Content Table: <filecabinet table>_<old key word table>
  • Matchcode:
  • Process
    • all external entries
  • Replacements:
    • Indexfield: <Name of New Keyword>
    • Entry: Field
    • Replacement: <DWKEYWORD>
  • Finish the Autoindex workflow --> save
  • Start the Workflow once