• Basket foldres

    Hello Phill,

    Firstable, thanks for your help.

    I’m sorry but this behavior is from our DW 6.12 on premise version. It seems something inherited from previous versions but I'm not sure. For your information, this DocuWare Installation comes from 6.1.

  • Basket empty folder



    I would like to know how we can remove empty basket folders on the system.

    Let me explain.
    Every basket has the corresponding system folder also every document the corresponding folder too. Excuse me for my ignorance, but it seems something rare in my DocuWare system server exactly in the storege basket unit because there are more than 90.000 folders were the 98% are empty.

    IT jobs are checking frequently the integrity system and found basket tree folder very extended without  any data and content. The only possible way to remove a basket folder at once is from de DocuWare configuration settings. In my opinion, it seems something dirty to see thousands of empty folders in the system. The idea, I think, could be deleted these folders when a document is stored into a file cabinet or remove from a basket, otherwise please what’s your opinion.

    Thanks, in advanced.