• RE: Intelligent Indexing Limit Notficiation

    Thanks Phil!
  • Intelligent Indexing Limit Notficiation

    When a customer approaches their Intelligent Indexing limit, does it send a notification to the main user?
  • DW 7 Hotfix rollback

    We did a hotfix for a customer with the lastest 7 hotfix (28th) and it broke workflow select lists. I saw the forum post that they rolled back the version in the PDF, but how do we get back to normal. Do we just have to wait until next patch, or is there a list of files we can go backwards to? We have full copies of DB and files. I don't want to overwrite without making sure it's ok.

  • Joe...

    Joe, come on man..." Our installation isn't something assembled by end users and resellers/consultants who, no offense, may or may not have a full understanding of proper data modelling". That is a bad statement, and you should refrain from casting yourself as better than others. You're stuck in Fortis' mindset, and while the way you set your DocuWare structure up works for your company, which is great, it's the most cumbersome thing I have ever heard.