• Many thanks Ingo.

    Many thanks Ingo.

    Do you have an ETA for this coming back, its been down for most of the week now?

  • FAQ Site

    Hi guys,


    Trying to download the latest 6.12 hotifx pack for a customer but the FAQ site has been down for the last 2 days.


    Do you have an ETA on this coming back up or a direct download location?

  • Hi Christopher,

    Hi Christopher,

    Many thanks for your response. Can I just clarify... The customer is looking at running a split install (1 x DMZ, 2 x App, 1 x DB)

    Do all of them need to have FIPS disabled?


  • Upgrade Error

    I am running an upgrade install for a customer.

    Whenever I try and run the regular docuware installation to upgrade their database I am getting an error stating that "Exception has been thrown by the target of the invocation"

    If I try and run the SystemUpgraderTool I get the same error but with the expanded message of -

    "This implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated crptographic algorithims"

    Any ideas how to get around/resolve this error would be greatly appreciated.

  • Removing characters from name

    Customer of ours has a request to display a list of supplier names within a field in DocuWare which is linked to a backened select list, this ordinarily wouldn't be a problem and is something we have setup many times before.

    The complexity comes in that they can have upto 5 of the same supplier name in their list and only seperate which is which using the Supplier Code.

    To get this to work we have come up with the idea of adding suppliername;suppliercode but this then fails the intellix match and also creates a problem with a discovery job completed further on in the workflow.

    We are trying to link this to Intellix with a fixed list text file also which is an additional layer of complexity to the process.


    Can anybody suggest a method to complete this which will keep Intellix working and assist the custmer in being able to choose which supplier name to use efficiently? 

  • Fujitsu Scanners

    Has anybody been able to get Fujitsu FTP scanners to scan up to the DocuWare Cloud Server? Whenever we attempt to set the scanner up we get a constant scanning error.


    If anybody has managed to get it working could they share how?





  • Cheers for the replies chaps.

    Cheers for the replies chaps.

    AIX it is!

  • Insert data record to another cabinet when document stored

    Hi all,

    Have a question about functionality and if anybody can think of a better way for to run efficiently without the need to create an autoindex timed job to check for new values being stored... I'm hoping WFM can do this...

    When a Document(not all doc types) are stored into the mail filing cabinet certain data from that document is required to be sent to a seperate filing cabinet that is used for data reporting and control procedures within the organisation as a data record.

    Is there a way, other than using all the fields as a matchcode on a timed AIX that this can be completed?



  • We have a tool you can

    We have a tool you can purchase which does exactly what you are after.


    Feel free to contact me - callum@elite-ds.co.uk

  • Cheers Gilles, I've just

    Cheers Gilles, I've just disabled that at a number of our cloud customers!

    Another function it would of been lovely to have had documented.