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How to navigate in SOLR Fulltext Server?

The DocuWare fulltext search is based on Apache SOLR. All documents that can be found via SOLR are also searchable with fulltext in Web Client.
If documents cannot be found with fulltext in Web Client, further research in SOLR may be helpful.

You can find the URL of the SOLR Web Page in DocuWare Administration (see screenshot below).

*Note: Internet Explorer 10 and higher does not support some neccessary program features for SOLR, and therefore these versions cannot be used to load the SOLR page.

After loading SOLR, you can choose the file cabinet with the drop down button. The file cabinets are displayed with their file cabinet GUID.
You can get the file cabinet GUID in DocuWare Administration by navigating to Organisation -> File cabinets -> [Used file cabinet] -> General.

In the field Unique ID the file cabinet GUID of the file cabinet is displayed (see screenshot below):

After choosing the file cabinet GUID, in the menu "Overview" the number of all document pages in the file cabinet is displayed, for which the fulltext information has been transferred to SOLR (see screenshot below).
*Note: The number of the correct read out document pages in the database does not always match with the number reported by SOLR.

If you open the menu "Query" you can do a fulltext search in SOLR in the selected file cabinet. You can display all document pages by entering *:* in the field "q" and pressing the "Execute Query" button.
The parameter "numFound" on the right display shows how many document pages were found (see screenshot below).

If you want to search for a word in SOLR type the search term into the field "q". After executing the fulltext search by pressing the button "Execute Query", the right side display shows various information:
Number of hits, DOCID of the document and under the parameter "@doc_content" the document content (see screenshot  below):

If you also want to see the index field values, you can search with following
syntax (@doc_content:"SearchTerm") in the field "q" (see screenshot  below):

If you want to display the search terms in the document content, you can search again with "CTRL" + "F" for the searched word to mark the results (see screenshot down below):

Sometimes you may need to know, if the document was correctly transferred to SOLR at all. This can be checked by using the following
syntax (DOCID_s:DocID) in the field "q" (compare screenshot below):

In the field "wt" you can choose the option "xml" to display the results in XML view.

  • If the document is available in SOLR, you can see the document's content and the field indexes.
  • If the document is not available in SOLR the parameter "numfound" will show 0.

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