Vues :


You recently upgraded to 6.7 and you were using recognition templates. After the upgrade, you are getting System out of Memory error every time you try to make a change in the DocuWare Administration tool or log into the tool. 


You will need to run the below scripts to resolve the error you are receiving in the DocuWare Administration tool.

  1. Stop all DocuWare Services, except Internal Database if you are using MYSQL
  2. Take a backup of the dwsystem database
  3. Run the below scripts depending on your database type

Update [DWSettings]
set settings=LEFT(CAST(settings AS nvarchar(max)),CHARINDEX('<System.String>', CAST(settings AS nvarchar(max)))) + 'System.String /></SampleDocuments></Recognition>'
where type like '%Recog%'


UPDATE dwsystem.DWSettings SET settings=REPLACE(settings, '<System.String>', '<System.String /></SampleDocuments></Recognition>')
where type like '%Recog%'

Running these scripts will break the current recognition profiles. They should still be usable but you will not be able to view them or edit them. You should be able to make new ones without an issue.