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Your users are doing searches in DocuWare Web Client and they would like to delete certain documents that are returned from their search. Why is the delete option not visible when they right click the document?

The Result List is not configured to show function "Delete" in the menu. To configure Result List to show "Delete" function in menu please follow the steps described below.

  • Log in to DocuWare Administration
  • Expand out your Organization
  • Expand out "File Cabinets"
    • Select the File Cabinet users cannot delete documents from
  • Expand out "Dialogs"
  • Expand out "Result Views"
    • Select the Result View in question
  • Expand out "Functions"
  • Expand out "Delete"
    • Select the options you would like show to the users

  • Click apply at the bottom of DocuWare Administration
  • Have your users refresh the browser they are using to access DocuWare Web Client