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You would like to know exactly how the DocuWare WebClient utilizes Client Licenses and what you can do to properly release a Client License when you are finished working in the DocuWare WebClient.

The below behavior affects both Named and Concurrent Licenses for both Cloud and On-Premise installations of DocuWare.
1.) Log Out: When you select the Log Out option in the WebClient you trigger a 2 minute time frame in which the license is still blocked and can only be used the same user from the same machine if he/she decides to reconnect. After this 2 minute time period is up, the license is free to be used by other users/locations.

2.) Closing out of the Browser or Browser Tab:
This method will also send a log out request effectivley behaving as if you hit the Log out option in the DocuWare Webclient. The 2 minute time frame is triggered, after this period is up the client license will be free to be utilized by another user/location. 
3.) Scenarios Where the 2 minute Logout Call Fails:
  • The Browser is forcibly killed (task manager) and not closed (using "X" button or close context menu in task bar)
  • Browser Process crashes or hangs
  • Your computer's Operating System crashes
In the above listed cases the Web Client has no chance to send the logoff calls so it falls to the server to detect that the web client is no longer being used. The server will regularly check and clean up dead connections. Depending on when the client crash happened, it can takeup to 10 minutes for the dead connection to be removed. Once the connection is removed, the standard logout is performed which means that the 2 minute license hold period starts.