• RE: Is DocuWare compatible with Soap-like webservice?

    If you want to be able to connect to your webservices from the Workflow Designer you must have a SOAP webservice.

    First add the webservice in the "Webservices" page, in your configurations, and test the connection to your webservice.
    Personnally I usually do webservices in .asmx (ASMX) or .svc (WCF) using SOAP. The methods are automatically found by DocuWare in your workflows.

    Hope it helps
  • API token connection licence


    I'm using a token to connect on the API with "ServiceConnection.Create(...)" method. 
    My question is : Does using this method consume the licence of the account attached to the token or can we do multiple connections on the API with the token without having to do a disconnection or anything like that ?

    Thank you
  • .NET Api login token lifetime


    I'm currently trying to get a login token with the .NET API, and I have a question : Can I create an unlimited token lifetime or do I have to put a very long period in order to get that token without it expiring in few days ?

    infos : 
    • I'm using the PostToLoginTokenRelationForString(TokenDescription) method on my Organization object
    • TokenUsage.Multi in the TokenDescription object
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  • Forum reply


    I have an issue on the forum, I can't write in the "content" textarea ! Actually, neither for posting or replying to questions. I had to modify the textarea in the html inspector to write this message.
    It seems to work well on firefox however. Didn't try google chrome.

    Using : Microsoft Edge

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  • RE: Configure Web Service for Use in Workflow

    Hello Stacey,
    be sure that your webservice on your iis is available on a public domain to be 100% sure docuware can call your webservice. If you do not have your own docuware (on your own servers) it cannot access your webservice by the local ip address. I mean, this was one of my issue ! Hope it helped

    Oh, and if I remember well, the sample project is in .asmx, this can only support SOAP. If you wanna be able to do both SOAP and REST, look for WCF webservices.

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  • RE: .NET API Search in document

    Had to modify textarea in the inspector ! textarea isn't available guys !
  • .NET API Search in document


    I'm developing a webservice and I would like to know if it's possible to execute a research in the document content. The same way we can search for words or sentences in the document viewer on the WebClient.
    I want to know if there is any way to look for some words or sentences in a document using the .NET API and maybe get an object or an array containing every occurences found ?

    For now what I found that could be the closest is the method "GetDocumentWordSearchResultFromPositionsRelation()" but it does not seem to work !

    Thank you,

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  • .NET API OriginalFileName changes when editing a file


    I've been trying different ways to solve my problem but nothing seems to work !

    Here is my problem : 
    I'm trying to edit a file using the Section.PutToContentRelationForSectionAsync() method. Everything works fine and I'm actually able to change the content of my document by giving it a "Stream" object.
    My issue is that the name of the file changes by a random string like "003aE6-....". Thing is I want it to stay the same name as it was when I uploaded the document. It does not cause any problem until you try to modify manually the file ! If you right click and "modify", the name of the file will be the random string ! Same if you export it to work locally on you computer !
    Is there anyone who knows how to deal with this OriginalFileName issue when modifying the content of a document?

    Thank you !

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