• RE: Document Locked Error in Workflow

    I'm curious to hear the answer to this, too.  I have this problem on a regular basis because a lot of DW users at one facility have the viewer setup to open the document always in a separate viewer window (with index dialog, I believe) so they don't even accidentally open two copies of the document to do their task, just one, which locks the document and causes the workflow to fail after their task if they forget to close the document (which they do, regularly, because human).
  • RE: AutoIndex File Event trigger

    afaik it doesn't work that way but I'm curious to know what Support has to say - is there a workaround for this?
  • RE: Automatic stamp with workflow???

    Hi Michael,You can add a stamp independently of workflow tasks using the SDK but there's currently no other way

    This idea has been present in the uservoice forums so I'd encourage you to go vote (I have, it's a great idea): https://docuware.uservoice.com/forums/230572-configuration-english/suggestions/32295130-workflow-designer-request-for-a-new-activity-st
  • search for number in range

    If I have a PDF that contains pages 5-200 of a microfilm reel, how can I setup DocuWare so that a user can search for page 42 (for example) using the page number and have it get a hit on that document?  I thought it would be simple but then I tried to set it up but couldn't.
  • RE: SQL statement for a List

    Using SQL statements for anything in DW Cloud has been disabled due to security concerns, I'm told, so if you want any kind of filtered list you'll need to setup a file cabinet for it and manage it that way.  I think there's a uservoice request to bring SQL statements in the cloud back.
  • RE: read from table column with SDK

    well-commented sample code! thanks, Simon :)
  • RE: read from table column with SDK

    Hi Joe,

    I've accessed DW documents using the SDK before so I'm ok with that part of it, but as for the rest I think you've got the best idea: forego the SDK hit the tables directly with a SQL query.  Thanks and have a great weekend!
  • read from table column with SDK

    There is a code sample in the knowledgebase that shows how to write to a table column using a c# web service here (code sample) but I just need to iterate through the rows of a table and read the values from the Amount column.  Does anyone have some sample code to do that?
  • what does the Append fc permission govern?

    I thought that removing the Append permission from a file cabinet profile would remove the ability to clip documents to a document in the file cabinet but I'm wrong.  What does it do?
  • RE: Calculate date - 45 days

    Hi Michael,
    You'll need to use the DateAdd function.  I have this page bookmarked - it'll tell you about that and all the other functions: VB Scripts