• add to List of Users variable

    I have a task that's assigned to a single user but we want to change that by assigning it to another user as well so it's available to both.  I created a new List of Users variable but I can't figure out how to add users to it.  I tried using the Assign Data function to assign the users individually (and making sure that I didn't check-off the Replace box) but it didn't work - it only recognizes the first user that's assigned.  I then tried adding both users to a text variable with a comma delimeter (eg. "Snoopy,Linus") and then assigning that to the List of Users variable but that didn't work either.  How is this done?
  • internal document links

    Migrating documents into DocuWare will obviously break any internal links those documents have (ie. a link inside the document to another document).  Are there any tools available that can assist in recreating those links?  What about spreadsheets and Word documents that are linked for the purposes of a mail merge? Can those links be recreated once the spreadsheet and Word documents are in DocuWare, even if it must be done manually?
  • RE: who does faulted workflow task get assigned to?

    That's what I thought, but support says it's the designer.
  • RE: What permissions does the Organization Administrator role have

    Hi Jason, here's what Support said:

    Unfortunately there is no documentation on the Organization Administrator role, but in regards to what it can do, the Organization Administrator role is a role that can modify and change any user rights in regards to assigning FC profiles, in regards to the Organization role there would be no reason to as this is the Admin account and can already oversee everything. Now if the user is trying to assign certain rights to Admins, he can create an Admin role and assign Fc profiles to this new role.

  • who does faulted workflow task get assigned to?

    When a workflow tasks faults (eg. when the document is still locked by the user so DW can't update an index value) it creates a task for the admin user with options to retry the task, skip the task, or abort.  This is super-helpful, but how can I have DW assign this task to one of the client's admin users? I have him as controller of the workflow and in the Organization Administrator role but he's still not getting this task.  Currently it looks like it's only assigning this task to the admin user account.
  • wf: order of actions in Assign Data

    Can we count on DocuWare Workflow processing the various lines of an Assign Data block from top-to-bottom? In the past we were told that we shouldn't count on them being processed in order but in several DocuWorld sessions now I've seen workflow variables being referenced in one of the early lines and then changed in one of the later lines in the same Assign Data block, whereas in the past we were instructed to separate those kind of actions into two Assign Data blocks.
  • RE: Document Locked Error in Workflow

    I'm curious to hear the answer to this, too.  I have this problem on a regular basis because a lot of DW users at one facility have the viewer setup to open the document always in a separate viewer window (with index dialog, I believe) so they don't even accidentally open two copies of the document to do their task, just one, which locks the document and causes the workflow to fail after their task if they forget to close the document (which they do, regularly, because human).
  • RE: AutoIndex File Event trigger

    afaik it doesn't work that way but I'm curious to know what Support has to say - is there a workaround for this?
  • RE: Automatic stamp with workflow???

    Hi Michael,You can add a stamp independently of workflow tasks using the SDK but there's currently no other way

    This idea has been present in the uservoice forums so I'd encourage you to go vote (I have, it's a great idea): https://docuware.uservoice.com/forums/230572-configuration-english/suggestions/32295130-workflow-designer-request-for-a-new-activity-st
  • search for number in range

    If I have a PDF that contains pages 5-200 of a microfilm reel, how can I setup DocuWare so that a user can search for page 42 (for example) using the page number and have it get a hit on that document?  I thought it would be simple but then I tried to set it up but couldn't.