• RE: using DateAdd in workflow trigger conditions

    Well I can't seem to make it work so as a workaround I've setup an AutoIndex job to trigger the workflow.  Being as this is an on-premise system I'm able to use a SQL statement in the trigger of an AIX job and found that this worked: CURRENTDATE()= DateAdd(d, -9, [1ST_REVIEW_DATE ])

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    Thanks for the reply, Fabian.  I eagerly tried just using CurrentDate(9) and CurrentDate()+9 and neither of those worked.  So then I tried DateAdd(day, 9, CurrentDate()) and DateAdd("d", 9, CurrentDate()) and DateAdd("day", 9, CurrentDate()) and none of those worked.  I was finding myself a bit demoralized so I had a coffee, took some deep breathes, and did some more research. I discovered that GetDate() may be more appropriate so my spirits rallied and I tried various incarnations of that, including DateAdd(day, 9, GetDate()) and DateAdd("day", 9, GetDate()) but none of those worked.  Further digging uncovered a forum thread from a few years ago that indicated that the IS(WHERE) in AIX jobs doesn't support T-SQL so we may be out of luck but I'd love to have some confirmation from DW Support since that thread was several years old, which means things may changed for DW 7.x

  • using DateAdd in workflow trigger conditions

    I'm trying to trigger a workflow 9 days before a date that's stored in an index field called 1st Review Date but I can't get it to work.  I've set the trigger to run every morning at 7am and in the trigger criteria I've used the "Is (where clause)" and various formats of DateAdd("d", 9, Now()) but none of them work - they all throw an error that says Wrong condition! Field : 1ST_REVIEW_DATE Value : DateAdd("d", 9, Now())

    I've tried using single quotes around the "d" and removing the parentheses from behind the Now.  What's the correct syntax?

  • RE: use to c# API to download page of a document

    Thanks Fabian.  In this case we're only dealing with single-section PDFs so the ability to download a section won't help - it'll be the entire document.  I'll look into the 3rd party PDF apps, thanks for the suggestion.
  • use to c# API to download page of a document

    I'm seeing the code samples for using the API to download an entire document (download a document) but I need to download just a page of a document.  Is that supported by the API?
  • RE: Email clients

    Hi Tony, did you get this resolved? I'm getting this exact error message but the users have Outlook installed and the error is coming up inconsistently.
  • RE: Concurrent workflow

    Hi Steve, you mis-read my response: it totally works.  The only thing that I found that had an unforeseen consequence is when I tried to have WF1 wait for WF2 to finish so WF1 could continue, but it looks like you're not wanting to do that so you're good to go.
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    Hi Steve, I've been experimenting with this a lot over the last two months and now have two clients currently using the solution so in short "yes, you can do  what you're talking about".  It's super-cool.  One thing to watch for: the main workflow (the one that triggers the others) has to end when the child workflows run - you can't use the 'wait' action in the main workflow to wait for the child workflows to complete because if you do that you end up with multiple instances of the main workflow completing.  So, for example, if you had the main workflow trigger 5 child workflows, when those 5 child workflows finished the main workflow would complete 5 times, one for each child.  It took me a bit to figure out that was happening.  Fortunately, there's an easy solution: split the main workflow so it does this:

    1. main workflow does it's thing and then triggers child workflows
    2. child workflows complete
    3. the completion of all child workflows trigger another separate workflow (which is actually the end part of the original main workflow)

    Let me know if you need more info and I can let you know how I've done the triggering and whatnot to make it all work.
  • RE: location of audit data in 7.x

    Thanks for the reply, Craig.  I've had a look in the code samples for the .NET API and I'm not seeing anything in there that looks user-related.  Am I missing something? Can you point me to the appropriate new cabinet table that would have info about last login dates of users?
  • location of audit data in 7.x

    I like the new Audit Reports section but I have a use-case where it'd be a lot easier if I knew where the data was kept so I can generate real-time stats and hook some slick report templates into the data for reporting purposes, in particular regarding last login dates of users, rather than having to manually export to a CSV file every time.  I've done some digging but can't find anything in the tables - can someone let me know where to look? I'm using DW 7.3.