• workflow resources

    We're spec'ing out a new project and they tell me that some products' workflows are resource hogs and were wondering if they need to beef up their DW server at all to handle the additional load of running workflows.  Is there any documentation that can tell me approximately at what point we'd need to start thinking about that? ie. limitations to the number of workflows running or thresholds at which we need to start adding resources?
  • RE: Moving Documents to another Cabinet with Indexes

    I just did this in 7.1 on-prem this week.  If you go into Configurations you'll see a Transfer function in the Document Storage category.  it does exactly what you're wanting to do: 'Transfer defines rules for transferring documents from one file cabinet to another on a repeating schedule '
  • 7.x text shots

    Where are the DW 7.1 text shots stored? I've looked in the xxx_PAG and xxx_PGT tables but one has a xml info and the other, in a hopefully-titled field called 'TextShot', only contains a long string of random letters.  Mind you, the reason I need this is because we're importing a bunch of really old documents that mainly have hand-writing on them so maybe the xxx_PGT is the text shot.

    I just need this to show the client and say "maybe we don't use fulltext on this cabinet because it's not picking up anything useful".
  • RE: Very Slow Scanning

    Thanks for the tips, Craig.  I bumped my ConcurrencyMaximum up to 8 and it started throwing errors ('retrieving document content failed') so I guess that was too high.  Both RAM and CPU were pegging out, and this on a server with 2x2.6Ghz processors (not sure how many cores/processor yet) with 8GB RAM.  I know that's not uber-high but it's definitely farther into the recommended than the minimum.  Is that the kind of performance you'd expect, though? Or is something fishy going on?

    I've got 70k records to import so this could take forever at this rate.
  • RE: Free SQL not allowed in Indexing Assistant-1540301044

    here's another update to this ridiculous situation (I've already spent hours building clunky workarounds and involved DW support several times): AIX doesn't appear to have access to the DW user list.  So if you want to create a select list of just the users in the Project Manager role (back to your original post, David), not only do you have to create a whole new file cabinet, but you can't even use AIX to auto-populate any of the data when a Project Manager is added.  The users will actually have to enter the name, email address, etc AGAIN.  ("why do we have to re-enter all this data? We just entered it when we added the user themself?" they ask me)
  • RE: Free SQL not allowed in Indexing Assistant-1540301044

    another workaround: create a file cabinet just for a select list and then use autoindex to add/remove values.  for example, if you want to have a list of the open Purchase Orders then you create a file cabinet called "Open Purchase Orders" and give it one field, PO Number.  Note that the PO's themselves are still stored in the main Accounting file cabinet.  Now you set up an autoindex job that monitors a field in the Accounting cabinet that defines whether or not the PO is open and use the writeback functionality of AutoIndex to add a value to the file cabinet if it's not there (and of course you'll need another autoindex job that monitors the same field and removes the record from the cabinet if the PO closed).

    Hugely clunky, not even sure if it's reliable (during testing yesterday it didn't work 100% of the time for some reason - sometimes the AIX job would run, sometimes it wouldn't, no idea why), and of course it takes a while to setup as opposed to 30 seconds for a filtered select list.

    Even if DW added the graphic designer for filtering select lists in the cloud (which would solve their security concerns) we could avoid all this.  I added that suggestion to the uservoice request linked above.  Again, PLEASE GO VOTE!
  • RE: Free SQL not allowed in Indexing Assistant-1540301044

    I followed Phil's workaround for a store dialog (setup a multi-column select list and add a field to the store dialog, thus creating a clunky (and visible to the client!) workaround), but of course we can't do this in workflow.  So there's no way of filtering select lists in workflow in the cloud. Getting even angrier.  The result for the client is that they'll be forced to pick a huge list (and getting bigger every day) of all the purchase orders in the system rather than a short and easy list of the open purchase orders.

  • RE: Free SQL not allowed in Indexing Assistant-1540301044

  • RE: DW v7 with AD Sync - SSO?-1533041962

    Any updates? I thought I mighta heard that 7.1 supports SSO for a cloud system at DocuWorld but maybe I'm wrong (or dreaming).
  • PSA: automatic login URL's disabled in 7.1

    PSA: automatic login URL's have been disabled in 7.1.  I upgraded to 7.1 and found that my login URL was not working so I setup a SR and heard this back today:

    Due to security concerns, the ability to use the Web Client Login section of the URL Creator tool has been removed for version 7.1. ...in a future release, they will be rolling out a more secure version of the tool for Web Client Login.  As for now, there aren't plans to release a hotfix to allow for this use as of DocuWare 7.1