• tech looking at it

    Hi David, I also can't get an odbc connection to an Access database working and this is in a fresh DW7 installation.  I just did a remote session with a DW tech and we tried 64-bit and 32-bit and though it's not giving the same error as you it's not seeing the tables in the db at all.  At this point the DW tech is working on it on his end.  I'll update here.

  • how far can the Local Data Connector see?

    Does the Local Data Connector have to be installed on the same server as the database?  If not, how far can it see?  eg. does the db server have to be on the same network as the LDC or can it be a completely different cloud server?

  • what if there are spaces?

    Hi Bruno, the code you supplied above works well unless there are spaces in the data that's in the keyword field.  eg. If the text "Jon Weston" is in one of the keyword entries then it counts that as two.  Is there a workaround for this?

    The setup I have is that there's a workflow task that collects data in a keyword form field.  When the user clicks "Confirm" it dumps this keyword data into a keyword global variable.  I just want to count the entries in that keyword global variable, and also be able to iterate through them in a workflow.

  • seems to have worked

    Welp, we went ahead and it seems to have worked (aside from the fact that the upgrade caused Windows to put the Desktop Apps icon on peoples desktops and that caused some of them to think that was the DocuWare login icon and that got them all confused :P ).

  • DW7 desktop apps silent installer

    I'm doing an upgrade from 6.10 to DW7 and am wondering if the silent installer for the desktop apps works the same way.  The kb article indicates that the info is only good up to version 6.12.

  • conditionally required fields

    I've tried to do exactly what you're wanting to do, sam j, but, alas, ya can't.  Casey, what do you do in this situation? Do you set up multiple cabinets?  I've done it that way before (pros/cons, as you say).  Have you ever gone that route and ended up having to setup 9-10 cabinets?  The only other solution I can think of off the top of my head would be to do the validations in a workflow (ie. conditionally route it back to the store user for the required info if a certain field is blank), but adding Workflow Designer can be a prohitive cost if the client doesn't subscribe to the cloud and if that's all you're planning on doing with it.

  • Instant AIX

    Excellent info, thanks Phil.  Building the AIX workflows as if they were always running synchronously would have been the easier/simpler solution, which is always much more desirable (of course!), but I'm fairly sure I can build them individually to achieve the result I'm after so that no one workflow is relying on another one to have run first.

  • how reliably linear are Instant AIX processes?

    Follow-up question for clarity: how linearly are these run?  For example, if I have 6 Instant AIX workflows setup can I rely on the 1st one to always run before the 4th, to the extent that the 4th workflow can use data that the 1st will be populating? 

    I need to be sure about this before I put a whole lot of work into converting an entire system over, and i don't think that building and testing this in a vm (which tends to be much more lightly loaded than a production system) will give me a good indication, so thanks for the help.

  • long live autoindex!

    Perfect, thanks Phil.

  • DW7 AutoIndex: practical limits on number of "field has changed" autoindex workflows?

    Is there a practical limit to the number of AutoIndex workflows that should be configured for a single cabinet that are triggered off the new "field has changed" trigger?  We have a client with quite a few conditions that will result in different index fields needing to be updated, such as "if the Document Type is 'contract' and the Status is 'Closed' then update such-and-such data, but if the Document Type is 'invoice-in' and the File Title has changed then also update such-and-such".  From a quick glance, I could envision having at least 4-5 of these AutoIndex workflows looking at specific criteria, so every time an index entry is changed DW would be running each of these workflows.  Will that be a problem? Or do they just run synchronously?