• RE: disaster recovery System-1526316469

    Hi Todd, I'm in the same situation now.  Did you receive any recommendations? How did you proceed?  The DW system I'm setting up will be on-prem and won't be featuring a high influx of documents - more like a sporadic-but-scheduled import of scanned documents - and also won't be seeing a large number of data updates.  So I'm thinking that automatic fail-over protection won't be necessary.
  • RE: disable new document tray for automatically imported users

    Alas, I don't have a DW7 setup that uses AD sync that I can look at either but I walked through it far enough to see that there's no checkbox to disable the creation of new document trays.  In past versions this was controlled by whether or not the group that the user is being assigned to has been assigned to the Default Organization Profile function profile (I think it was - I can't find the info rn).  ie. if the group isn't assigned to that function profile then no tray was created.
  • disable new document tray for automatically imported users

    In help.docuware.com it says in the "What's New in DocuWare Version 7" section that "If users are automatically taken over into DocuWare via Active Directory or another interface, a new document tray is automatically created for each user".  Can we disable this?
  • RE: DW Printer: remove "Microsoft Word - " from the beginning of the document name

    That would work if the document name was being read from a read-out area on the document but it's not, it's set as a dynamic entry.  The only options I have that pull text from the document name itself is FileName and FileNameWithExtension and they will both include "Microsoft Word - ".
  • DW Printer: remove "Microsoft Word - " from the beginning of the document name

    I've set up a DW Printer configuration to automatically populate the Document Name field with, guess what, the document name!  However, whenever I use it from MS Word DW puts "Microsoft Word - " on the front of the name.  How can I tell it not to do that?  I just want the document name to be in the document name field, not the source application name as well.
  • System DNS

    My problem has been solved.  I think they key for me was to make sure that I was creating System DNS's for both the 32-bit and 64-bit odbc connections.  When creating a User DNS it only allowed one odbc connection with the same name so when I created the 64-bit connection it over-wrote the 32-bit connection.  It didn't do that when they were both System DNS's.

  • check accessibility

    heh heh, no worries, there's a little "check accessibility" button right up under the Local menu item at the top.

  • Access db with password still doesn't work

    I think he means that you have to configure the database itself with a username and password.  To do that you open Access then open the database in Exclusive mode (click the drop-down menu next to the Open button and you'll see it).  From there you can go into the File->Options and set the username and password.

    However, it still doesn't work.  No effect on the behaviour we're describing.  When I test the connection in the DW Admin Tool it gives me an error that says "Cannot open connection: ERROR [IM002] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified".  Interestingly, when I set up a 32-bit ODBC connection to the same db it tests fine in the DW Admin Tool but it still can't see the tables.

  • tech looking at it

    Hi David, I also can't get an odbc connection to an Access database working and this is in a fresh DW7 installation.  I just did a remote session with a DW tech and we tried 64-bit and 32-bit and though it's not giving the same error as you it's not seeing the tables in the db at all.  At this point the DW tech is working on it on his end.  I'll update here.

  • how far can the Local Data Connector see?

    Does the Local Data Connector have to be installed on the same server as the database?  If not, how far can it see?  eg. does the db server have to be on the same network as the LDC or can it be a completely different cloud server?