• installation files updated?

    I have a client schedule for an upgrade from 6.11 to 6.12 this weekend.  Are the DW6.12 installation files updated with this hotfix?

  • iFrame is supported

    Hi Stefan, using an iFrame is definitely supported, all you have to do is make a modification to the web.config file.  I've attached a screencap from the pdf on how to do it (we can't upload PDFs, apparently).  It works in every version after 6.5.  Let me know if you can't read the screencap and I'll type it out.


  • remove data from keyword field

    How can I remove all entries from a keyword field using either v6.12 Workflow Manager or a web service?  I've tried assigning an empty (freshly initialized) keyword variable to it in workflow manager and I've tried adding a fixed value of "" but neither of those work.

  • "Assign to" roles and variables

    Hi Chris, the good news is that yes, you are definitely missing something: by using both the "Assign to" tab of a task and the "Assign to" workflow component you are able to assign a task to a Role or a Variable.  The easiest way to do what you want is to create a role that contains all the users you want to have the task assigned to and then use the "Assign to" workflow component to assign the task to that role.  As soon as the task is completed by any of the users it will be removed from all their task lists.

  • workflow can't update index entry because user has locked the document

    Twice in the last month I've had a workflow error out because right when it was trying to update an index entry it found that a user had locked the document.  We've talked to the users and they don't report doing anything that I would think would cause a problem.  For example, in one case the user said that they'd simply viewed the document from their Folders list and tried to delete it, which they can't.

    The FC is in the default ad-hoc edit mode so I'm assuming that DW should only be locking the document if they try to update it.  Does this also mean that it will lock it if a user tries to edit the index entries?

    This isn't a huge problem ("twice in the last month"), but we're about to push another bunch of departments live with this workflow so the amount of documents flowing through is about to increase a lot so I'd like to tidy this up somehow.

  • workflows not triggering

    Hi Joe,

    I had endless trouble just before Christmas with workflows simply not triggering.  We eventually figured out the the previous version of the workflow wasn't unpublishing properly when I clicked the unpublish button.  The resolution was to not unpublish the previous version, just edit it and publish the new version.  Not sure if this will help you, but give it a try.

  • import jobs when user not logged in

    Yup, that's how it works Joe - the user doesn't have to be logged-in.  I had a glitch with a client this week where the jobs would occasionally stop (once per week) until the user logged in and DW support told me to set the Desktop Service to "Automatic (delayed start)" to avoid that problem.  I've also encountered problems when the monitored folder is a network folder so I try to have the monitored folder be local on the machine that is running the import jobs as much as possible.

  • auto-increment with prefix

    Cool, ok, let's give this a shot.  This will generate what you want for new documents stored using a dialog in Connect to Outlook only.  It won't work if you're sending it to a document tray from Outlook and then storing it afterwords because at that point we will have lost the fact that it came from Outlook.  I can't vouch for it being the best way of doing it - some others might have improvements or other suggestions - but it'll get it done.

    1. Add a text field called "DocSource" to the cabinet.  Make it invisible on all dialogs except the one you're using to store the document in Outlook - on that one set it to read-only but set it to a custom pre-defined entry of "Connect to Outlook"
    2. Add a numeric field called "AutoNumber" to the cabinet.  This will hold the incrementing autonumber.  Make it invisible on all dialogs except the one that you're using to store the document from Outlook - on that dialog set the Predefined Entry to "Automatic Numbering", click the + in the bottom left to add a numbering group and set your start value.  You could try making this field invisible on the dialog - I'm not sure if it needs to be visible to work.
    3. Add the text field to the cabinet that you want to store your final auto-numbered string with the prefix if you don't have it already.  From your screenshot it looks like you have this field called "Numer rejestracji" (Register Number)
    4. Ok, now for the workflow manager fun.  I'm assuming you have some knowledge of creating workflows and generally know your way around Workflow Manager.  Create a new workflow that is triggered on new documents that have a DocSource that is "Connect to Outlook".
    5. Add an integer variable called "AutoNumber" (we'll call that one GV_AutoNumber) and a text variable for the final output called "RegisterNumber" (we'll call that one GV_RegisterNumber).
    6. Create an assign data task and use it to assign the value of the AutoNumber field to GV_AutoNumber
    7. Ok, here's the magic bit.  Create another assign data task (don't use the same assign data task for both these operations).  Use it to set the value of GV_RegisterNumber to an Arithmetic Expression.  For the arithmetic expression use "CP" + CStr(GV_AutoNumber)
    8. Create another assign data task and use it to assign GV_RegisterNumber to the index data field that you want to hold your final output, Numer rejestracji.
    9. All done!

    I know it's a bit weird having to do three Assign Data workflow steps in a row and you're thinking "why can't I just put them in one Assign Data step in the order that I want them executied?", but I've been told that if you combine all these operations in one Assign Data step DocuWare won't necessarily execute them in the order you think it will.

    Also note that this will not zero-fill the numbers so you'll get CP1, CP2, CP3....CP10.  If you want them zero-filled then we'll add some stuff to step #7.

  • other modules?

    What other modules do you have? If you have the Workflow Manager module you could do this quite easily (let me know if that's the case and I'll detail how).

  • at what point does DW give up on generating a thumbnail and just show the DW logo instead?

    When there are a largish amount of thumbnails that need to be generated we're noticing that sometimes DW will give up on rendering the thumbnail and simply show the DW logo.  For some people we're seeing 1 out of 5 thumbnails exhibiting this behaviour, but for others it will be 1 out of 20-30.  Refreshing the result list or document tray doesn't help, though sometimes redo-ing the search will.  Is there an IIS setting or something we can tweak that will force DW to generate the thumbnail, regardless of how long it takes?