• How to subtract two dates

    What I'm trying to do is create a system which notifies a user every 30 days when a contract is within 90 days of expiry until the task is completed or the contract expires. I've tried using the task reminder function but it only provides a reminder once. I think it would be possible to give a notification if it was triggered by a status value which would be changed by an Autoindex, but I would require 3 of these for the system to work fully. I'm hoping there is a more concise way of achieving this, perhaps with a condition in a workflow
  • RE: Workflows with Merge forms

    I hadn't, but now I have and it works. Thanks
  • Workflows with Merge forms

    To put it simply, I've never worked on a workflow using merge forms. I've set the start condition to merge forms but nothing is appearing in the drop down lists. Does anybody have some documentation links they can share or some tips?

  • Workflow Conditions using strings

    What I want to do is use a Condition in a Workflow as an IF statement which checks some GV strings which contain either "Yes" or "No". If the string contains "Yes" then it will be added to an email which will be sent after the Condition task is completed. Does anyone know how to have a Condition check a string for a specified value?
  • Workflow task "Invalid source in Assignment"

    I'm trying to assign a second task to a user upon completion of the first task using the Assign To tab within the task. The user is assigned the second task via a Workflow field which I've called "Employee Name" and the data type is set to "User of a Group" with a predefined entry from the index entry of the document which starts off the workflow. The document is a form and I've double checked that the Employee Name field in the form is connected to the Filing Cabinet via the Indexing tab. In the Workflow Manager I am getting an error which says "Invalid source in assignment 1" "Invalid source in assignment 2" etc all the way up to five.

    Does anyone know what may have caused this?

    Thanks in advance
  • RE: Can you have a workflow task map fields onto a form and publish it?

    Sorry, I should add that this workflow is kicked off by another form, so the Workflow will be started with one form and will end with the submission of another, which will begin another workflow
  • Can you have a workflow task map fields onto a form and publish it?

    In the Workflow Designer, I have a Task with the dialogs "Document Type" and "Sales Person", these might as well be placebos for now. The user the task is assigned to can fill in these fields on Docuware. So far I have them saved to a GV. I want to know if there is a way to map the information on the task (or the GVs) and have it mapped to another form, which will then be published and kick off another workflow?
  • RE: Searching multiple index fields through one field

    Actually, I believe I've find the answer. Fulltext search seems to be exactly what I had in mind. I'll reopen the thread if I encounter any more problems but for now I believe I'm good.
  • RE: Searching multiple index fields through one field

    The kind of thing I have in mind is like a cross-field wildcard
  • Searching multiple index fields through one field

    I'm creating a form which collects information on up to five items at once (if the user wishes), things like serial numbers and prices etc. For each item the user wants to add to the form, there is additional row of fields. For example, if the user wants to input three items on this form, they would fill in "Item 1", "Item 2" and "Item 3". The serial numbers would be indexed as "Serial Number 1", "Serial Number 2" and Serial Number 3, and the same goes for the other fields. If and when someone wants to search for a document based on an item or serial number, they would have to search in each item/serial number field because the field they've searched in is just one of five fields that the data might be indexed in. What I want to know is if there is a way for me to create a field in the file cabinet which allows the user to search for a serial number and it searches the Serial Number 1 through 5 fields to speed up the search. 

    This isn't entirely necessary for a functional system but this would drastically drop off a lot of search time when searching for a document because the user may not know if they have the wrong serial number, they may have to check all 5 fields multiple times if they think they might have made a typo.