• RE: How to auto-fill a select list

    Well I don't want to delete the documents themselves, and it won't remove the entry from the select list for the next person to use the form. I deleted the documents manually for a test and select list entries are still appearing when I try to repeat the form. Do you know if select list entries CAN be automatically deleted?
  • RE: How to auto-fill a select list

    Thanks Jon, I've got the select list configured now, thanks. What I want now is to be able to delete those entries after the user has signed out. Assuming there isn't a less complicated, automated way of doing this, would it work if I had the workflow email me once the Sign In/Sign Out field says "Sign out", then deleted the select list entry manually?
  • How to auto-fill a select list

    I'm creating a form that once submitted will start a new form, this new form will have certain fields auto-filled with the respective information from the previous form. The context is that this is a sign-in/sign-out form, and the user will select their name and information from a select list when they sign out. Does anyone know how I can make this happen? What I tried to do at first was create a select list that automatically created new entries based on the "Forename" and "Surname" fields in the File Cabinet, but when I tried that, the select list wouldn't let me publish because it was "empty", and I just added a "User" as a placebo and the dropdown only shows that value.
  • How to setup an autoindex to mark duplicate documents.

    I need to be able to find all documents that have a duplicated field in a file cabinet, I've heard that this can be done with Autoindex, but so far, I haven't been able to get it to find the right documents. Does anyone know how to have an autoindex find a document and mark all additional documents that match a specified field. I have a field called "duplicate" so when the documents are found, I want the word "duplicated" in this field
  • How to check for duplicates in a Document Tray

    So I've got loads of documents in a tray and *without putting them in a file cabinet*, I want to filter for duplicates of a single field so I can find and delete them. Is there a way I can do this
  • Merge Form Fill Area settings greyed out

    I need to structure how the created document will look after the form is filled in, I want the field names on the form (Like "Employee Name" for example) to be visible on the created document, I planned to that on the merge form via placing fixed values next to the respective fields. For some reason, the settings to do so are both greyed out and are locked as Field Content. I need to activate Fixed Value. Any idea how I do that?
  • Merge Forms on an A4 Template

    Does anyone know what the best way to get an empty A4 sheet to be used for the Merge Form?
  • How to store documents in Docuware from Word

    Just to clear up, I'm not after setting up an import folder (unless that's required for what I'm actually after), what I'm after is to make the "store" and "quick-search" buttons that show up in Outlook show up in Word as well. Does anybody know what I'm talking about?
  • How to add a signature in a merge form

    I want someone to be able to add their signature to a received merge form before sending it off. Is there a way I can do this?
  • Web Service Invalid User Credentials

    A workflow is using a Web Service activity, but for some reason this activity ends the workflow due to an invalid user credential error. This problem only seems to occur after the login has been changed.