• RE: Searching multiple index fields through one field

    Actually, I believe I've find the answer. Fulltext search seems to be exactly what I had in mind. I'll reopen the thread if I encounter any more problems but for now I believe I'm good.
  • RE: Searching multiple index fields through one field

    The kind of thing I have in mind is like a cross-field wildcard
  • Searching multiple index fields through one field

    I'm creating a form which collects information on up to five items at once (if the user wishes), things like serial numbers and prices etc. For each item the user wants to add to the form, there is additional row of fields. For example, if the user wants to input three items on this form, they would fill in "Item 1", "Item 2" and "Item 3". The serial numbers would be indexed as "Serial Number 1", "Serial Number 2" and Serial Number 3, and the same goes for the other fields. If and when someone wants to search for a document based on an item or serial number, they would have to search in each item/serial number field because the field they've searched in is just one of five fields that the data might be indexed in. What I want to know is if there is a way for me to create a field in the file cabinet which allows the user to search for a serial number and it searches the Serial Number 1 through 5 fields to speed up the search. 

    This isn't entirely necessary for a functional system but this would drastically drop off a lot of search time when searching for a document because the user may not know if they have the wrong serial number, they may have to check all 5 fields multiple times if they think they might have made a typo.

  • How to end a workflow after 90 days

    So I'm trying to create a system which notifies someone about a document every 30 days. After 90 days, this document will have a Keyword field called "Status" which will be filled in with "Expired". If for some reason someone doesn't complete the task in the workflow then I want the workflow to be terminated after 90 days and the document to be rendered "Expired"

    Any ideas on how to do this? I was going to use a Condition but the main problem where to place it in the workflow since Task only has one output (only one decision) and anywhere else would cause problems.
  • Indexing issue with forms

    We have a form which is using behaviours to display fields depending on the value of another field, but when we use intelligent indexing to scan the information from the field in the document tray, it only seems to scan the information correctly for one field.

    Any ideas?
  • RE: Year in Start Date is displayed as 0001

    Alright, I've done some testing, and that expression doesn't have any effect on the year being displayed wrong. I deleted the step in the workflow so now I only have Start, Assign Start Date and End. It still displays it wrong. Also, the date is now displays the whatever day I entered +1 but the month and year are 01 and 0001 respectively
  • Year in Start Date is displayed as 0001

    I'm making a workflow to add months to a date. Here is the expression:


    This shouldn't affect much right now, but there it is anyway, the problem is when I test the workflow and put the date in (30/04/2021), the date is displayed as 30/04/0001
    It is a Date field, not a datetime if that's worth anything
  • RE: How to add dates to fill in a date field

    Thanks, but I don't know how to use arithmetic functions. Where do I go to use them?
  • How to add dates to fill in a date field

    What I want is for Docuware to take the start date for a contract, add up the total months in lasts for, and then populate the field for the end date with the result. Any idea how to make this happen?
  • How to make Docuware update an Excel file.

    I posted this a few weeks ago and got no response, hopefully this time I'll have a little more luck.

    I'm creating an Excel spreadsheet with the intention of creating a workflow that activates when a new Docuware Form is submitted and populates the fields on an Excel sheet with fresh calculations. For example, subtracting the amount of days approved for a holiday from the total amount of remaining holidays for that employee.