• 503 error after changing passwords

    After changing user password due to a prompt in DW7 the services start, but I get a http 503 error when loading the webclient.  What else needs to be changed to fix the 503 error?

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    Larry Stover

  • quick select query


    What do I need to enter for a quick select query?  I opened MySql query browser, but not sue what to do next.

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  • DocuWare Request requiring internet connection

    I have a 6.12 system that requires me to have an internet connection before the DocuWare Request job will run.  This is the first time for this requirement.  Is this a new DocuWare requirement or does my windows system need changes made to it so it will produce request jobs without the internet connection?

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    Larry Stover

  • hits on system

    I use the total hits to verify that my DocuWare Request jobs have the same hits as the file cabinet before giving it to a customer.  In many case the results are over 10,000.

    Larry Stover

  • Result list increased past 10000 in 6.12

    Were do you increase the result list count past 10000 in DW6.12?

  • Solution to restoring with documents and xml file in 6.10

    Solved using this method provided by support:

    Creat storage location in DW Admin. Copy disks to storage area. Create file cabinet in DW Admin (name exactly like disks to make it easier). Copy settings from xml file. Select storage path.  Go to storage area and look at new disk .000001 that is created.  Copy file in disk .000001 and paste it in all other disksthat were copied to storage area.  Delete old file (guid) in each disk. I didn't have an old disk .000001. Go to Admin and your new file cabinet and click on documents. Add logical disk. Move available disks to assigned disks. OK and then new disks will be added. In pre-defined workflows go to restor services. Create new workflow and select file cabinet. Verify your storage area. Criteria - disk#. Move from available to selected. Document overrides database. Start workflow later.  Right click workflow and choose run once and you will see progress of workflow.  After 100% is reached wait for it to stop. Finished!

  • Legacy DW4 indexes missing after restoring from documents

    Cancel this post.  I found the correct updated  file cabinet from a crashed hard drive and have restored all indexes.

  • Martin,


    I have made a storage location on a new pc that is running 6.10. I have copied the disks (documents) from the old pc running 6.10 to this new storage area.  I did a file cabinet export to get the file cabinet settings from the old system and copied these (xml files) to the new pc.  I created a file cabinet using the command prompt in admin and used the xml settings file and storage location.  The new file cabinet looks exactly like the old one, however it creates only 1 disk  - .000001.  I have many disks, but they don't start with 1 and they don't have the same number associated with the xml file.  Running the restore I see in logging that it is running, but nothing happens.  I'm letting it run over night and see if anythng appears tomorrow. The reason I'm doing this is to get to DW7 for 4 file cabinets that  I used for a customer's DWRequest jobs.  They were large and left on an older machine that is only running 32 bit and has only 3 gb ram.  I need them again to do more DWRequest scanning work for this customer. The newer pc has 64 bit and is dedicated to doing this process.  I will upgrade it to DW7 and hopefully the file cabinets will be ok.  Then I will take these new file cabinets in DW7 and move them to my current 16gb ram DW7 installation I use in my DWRequet scanning service burea.  Thanks for looking into this.  Larry

  • Restore workflow & xml file

    I need to restore the data base from documents in a 6.10 system.  I have used the FC settings (xml) file and have copied the documents to a storage area. Running the restore workflow gets nothing.  Can someone explain the details in using this restore workflow?