• Intelligent Indexing issue with line item and comma

    I have a customer using intelligent indexing on invoices involving line items. On some of his line items, in the Product Description, he can potentially have some commas in the description  for example 3,000metres. When we  use the Exporter module and export the data to CSV, the Product Description is split to a new cell everytime it sees the comma. Is there any way to overcome this?
  • Prepopulated Docuware Form

    I have a Recruitment Company customer that needs to send a timesheet to their customers every month with a current list of the people that they have employed that month and the employees change every month. I am trying to recreate it in Docuware Forms using merge forms and Workflow to populate the form but I can't see how I can get a dynamic visible list of employees onto the Form before it is then sent to the customer. I understand how to use form fields to do something similar but  the closest I can get is that it populates the list after the customer has filled the form in and the workflow then allows it to be populated with employees names but that won't work in this scenario. Has anyone tried this type of action before?
  • Docuware mobile

    Is there a definitive white paper/guide to configuration, security and usage of  Docuware Mobile within version 7 and upwards?
    One of my customers is very keen on security and I can't find anything with regards to restricting access etc. the new guides don't seem to cover it in any depth.
    I can only seem to find some older documentation from version 6 and some of the things it talks about are no longer relevant such as settings within Docuware Administration.