• Adding Form/Letterhead in Import configuration


    you could add a predefined image to your checks by configuring Form/Letterhead tab to an import configuration to be used with Docuware scanner, or if you use a different way to scan, such as scan to a folder, the import configuration to be used with an Import Job.

    The image from letterhead could be made 'transparent' - this would be pretty much close to a watermark 

  • Here is a way to do this.

    Find out your File Cabinet database table name (here is FCTABLE) and names of fields that determine your duplicity criteria  (here VENDOR_ID and INVOICE_NUMBER) 

    1. Create a new field in the FC that will indicate non-duplicates (DSTATUS)

    2.Create an Autoindex Workflow as following:

    External Data Source: Database Connection

    Iterated records are in External Data Source - THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!

    your FC - no filter (unless fully understand the need of a filter)

    Database Connection - Select GUID for your cloud database connection



    Process First found Document - THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!

    Assignment Index Replacement: DSTATUS=NOT DUPLICATE

    3. Run the Workflow.

    4.Run a Search, observe the result list - all duplicates should have field DSTATUS empty.

    5.(Optional and to be used with care only if fully understand) Create a deletion Workflow


  • Posting to the right thread

    Posted in a wrong chain


  • Connecting to Exchange for SMTP


    it should not be "localhost" in the configuration, but your Exchange server instead. You really need to consult with your IT guys on setting this correctly, especially authentication and SSL setting. You may try without authentication and then with your own credentials. There is a check configuration button on top of this screen that actually sends a test e-mail. (to docuware@bellabs,com in your case).

    If you are going to send e-mails to people outside your organization, your IT will have to allow your connection to use 'relay', but this is done on Exchange side.


  • Client based OCR pages limit


    most likely you were referring to a limit on number of pages OCRed by client on documents in a Tray. I think this is done for assisted point-n-shoot indexing and by default is 20 first and last pages of a document, but the default can be changed. 

  • SMTP Connection configured?


    I presume you use Docuware on-premise.

    You need to configure SMTP Connection - Under Data Connections in Docuware Administration System hive. You test it right from there to make sure your SMTP works (test e-mail to be sent to Sender email address in the configuration)

    Then you'd need to restart your Notification server service. After that it all should work.

  • Did you try the obvious - as you'd do in the client?

    Steve, I think that using whre (like clause) with the value set just as  NOT *Complete* 

    No Quotes just NOT in all caps and to astericks around the word you want to exclude.

    This should work

  • SmartConnect error "Capture Timeout"

    SmartConnect error "Capture Timeout"

    This error started happening after changing user computers from Windows7 to Windows 10.

    Same SmartConnect config, same application, sameuser, same Docuware (v6.12). Other Desktop apps (printer, C2O) work without issues.

    Has anyone seen this error?


  • Can the location be changed?


    thank you very much! This certainly explains why I'm having problems losing desktop connection in non-persistent VDI environment where ProgramData Folder is reset to its original state every time a user logs in. So every time a connection needs to be recreated either manually or by having cliet open for 2 minutes.

    Do you know if the location can be changed somehow to point to %appdata% instead? Even if some functionality (when user is not logged in) is lost?


  • Desktop Apps Connection

    Anyone knows where the connections are 'remembered' and stored in the file system for a user?

    Can't find any in %appdata% nor in %temp% nor in registry.