• RE: Behavior lists to the same filer field

    the easiest way to do this is by creating a number of AutoIndex Jobs - one for each line in your dropdown list. 
    When storing the form, have a control field to  accept chosen value from the dropdown and use this as a particular AI job condition and have each Job fill in a corresponding index field.  
  • Disable AntiVirus


    I have seen this caused by some AV programs (SOPHOS comes to mind) - disabling it completely to verify and then excluding Dcouware folders from AV monitoring - resolved the issue

  • Regular VS Index Values Filter Profiles


    Glad you've resolved the issue..

    though FC regular (non IVF) profiles have changed and do not include dialog assignment any more, they'ret still neccessary in many cases - for example if user needs a Store right to the FC. This right (and also some other, lesser rights) cannot be given thru a IVF profile. Though a separate regular profile with just a Store right would probably also work, but to me the old apprach with a separate Search-only IVF profile still sounds better.

  • This works for me in DW 7


    I have a number of DW7 systems including cloud where Index Filters are used, and FullText Search works just fine.

    Possibly, your Filter is not set up correctly (for example your Approver names are different from user login name. I suggest you use a simple filter with a static value that you can easily see and control.

    Also, I notice that your Index Profile is not set up the way Docuware recommends it: you should have two separate profiles, one (non-IF) with all the rights you want to give users (such as Display, Edit, Edit Index data, append - whatever user need) - BUT no SEARCH right. And the 2nd profile with your Index Filter set and only right SEARCH assigned). And you assign your users to both of these profiles.

  • Replace Text only works for a whole string


    Replace Text option only works for whole string replacement.

    If the srtring you're trying to edit is not supposed to have commas other than trailing, you can use option "Select Text" - "Before Known  character" - "," - From Beginning of text.

    If commas (other than trailing) may be present within the string, you out of luck as far as the Printer configuration goes, and you'd have to use either SQL script or AutoIndex Job to remove trailing commas

  • Detecting Duplicates by Content

    Has anyone seen a third party product or attempted develop their own that would attempt to detect duplicate documents based on documents content? Like comparing textshots I suppose?

  • Data Types must match


    The data types of the column in your file connection for the CSV file AND Docuware field you're adssigning data to - the two must match. Most likely, your column in the File Connection is defined as text, and can't be matched to a date column of the File Cabinet. The option for assigning Field in the Fill With would not even appear if the data types do not match. This applies for dates and numeric data types.

    So it looks like you need to adjust your File Connection definition for the CSV file to assign Type=Date instead of Text to the column..

  • Correct DateFormat for February1,2019


    here is what you should have - even if it's not in dropdown choices, just type it in

    MMMM d,yyyy


    MMMM d, yyyy

    - depending on presens of a space after comma.

  • Using AIX to obtain document total pages


    here is how this can be achieved using AutoIndex Job.

    Make sure you know name of your File Cabinet database table (here we use fctable) and your Filecabinet has a numeric field to accept docuement total pages(doctotalpages)

    Create an AIX job - I recommend scheduled job with selection criteria 'doctotalpages is empty'

    On Match Data Tab - Configure Data Source, select connection GUID_autoindex, SQL Command, type in the following statement

    select docid,sum(totalpages) as doctotalpages from fctable_sec group by docid

    Match FIlefd : Doc ID is equal docid

    Assign Data: doctotalpages - Field - doctotalpages

    Run the job - it should fill you doctotalpages column with total number of pages for the document.



  • Using Logging Table.


    the idea is to create a special FC Logging Agent that logs ACCESS(open) to documents and then to create Select List based on a SQL statement that uses the logging table to find a docid of the most recently opened document and from that ID, selects entry in the keyword table. Select list used in the stamp. Instead of SQL statement in the Select List you could use a database view created with the same logic (The view will show dwkeywords for DocID that corresponds to the most recently opened document from the Logging table)

    If a single stamp/select list used for all users there is a statistical risk that another user opens another document between time 1st user opens a document and applies the stamp to it. If you want to prevent this - you can create separate Select lists for each of the stamping users, and issue individual stamps to iusers using that user's select list - - a lot of Administration effort, but does achieve your need.

    Seems the same is possible in 7, but the logging table already there (named FCNAME_AUD).