• You bet,. 

    You bet,. 

    Thanks for taking a look, and I've got Support Request 309566 working with Rob Lossow going, too, for this work in general..  This latest development happened late, so Rob and I will take it up Monday morning and bring it back to life.

    Thanks, Phil!

  • Looks like my DWSYSTEM db may

    Looks like my DWSYSTEM db may not have been properly upgraded.  It has the bad version reference in the XML content for the Settings column of the DWFileCabinets table.  Says version and not the required  

    The DWOrganization table has the same reference at the organization level.



  • Upgrade V6.12 to V7.0 - File Cabinets Not Upgraded

    Hello, Everyone:

    Just upgraded to V7.0 and I get an error when I try to execute a search or go into a file cabnet in the Administration Tool saying that my file cabinets are at a verion a 5.0.x and need to be upgraded to 7.0.

    Not sure what to do, and my production system is now down.

    Anyone seen this before?


  • An Update

    Thanks for taking a look, guys.   

    Use Case:  We are capturing Picking Lists for Orders, and we're capturing them via DW Printer resulting in some orders having a number of these Picking List doc types for that order.

    The users would like to combine all of these into a single Picking List doc once they're all in there.

    I've heard of StapleWare Stapler over the years, and actually thought about it here, but nice to solve some other way.

    Not necessarily opposed to going the API/SDK route, either.   Only very little C# experience, but familiar with general off the GUI, script based operations (mostly SQL, but some other stuff, too...) and I might be able to pull it off.

    I'll need to mull it over a bit...



  • Combining Documents and No Delete Rights

    Good Afternoon, Everyone:

    We have a need to combine documents that are in a File Cabinet into a single document, hopefully without the need to then go back and delete the original documents being combined.

    Main issue being that the users do not have Delete privileges.

    My default angle for this is to copy them to a Document Tray and Staple or Clip them before shooting them back into the File Cabinet.

    Aside from being more steps than I'd ideally have to have them use, we're left with the originals in there if we go this route.

    What do you think?


  • OK, that's all good for me. I

    OK, that's all good for me. I'll probably start out simple and just adjust for the number of hours without worrying about DST at this point.  If I meet with little resistance, maybe I'll do the DST accommodation now...

    Thanks, Phil.

  • Workflow Manager - Timestamp Strangeness

    Hello, Everyone:

    I'm using a WF_RECEIVED_ON variable to show when an item came into a user's Task, and in general it does the trick, but there are two factors that I'm interested in learning more about:

    -  Time is off by a few hours, and server time's on the money so I'm not sure where it's pulling time.  Perhaps from the SQL Server?

    -  Can I have 12 Hour Time instead of 24 Hour Time?

    Thanks for taking a look!

  • So cool that you asked this

    So cool that you asked this question.  I have no help to offer, but I'm eager to see the response.  Pretty much THE standard for transporting document images and metadata (no secret), and I, too, am curious how to best configure DocuWare to get this done.

  • Document Tray - Convenient Document Ordering

    Hello, Everyone:

    So, we need to pull docs into the Document Tray and set the page order, and sometimes do the same for the docs coming in.

    We can select them in the order that we want them to appear once they're unstapled or unclipped or before we do the stapling or clipping, BUT...

    The docs go into the 30 to 50 page range and the pages are hard to tell apart as a thumbnail.  

    Can we make thumbnails larger?  Seems like that's a NO, but worth double checking.

    If I have the client set for check boxes to be present, the docs open in the viewer, but I lose the check boxes as I move to the next.


    Essentially, we can't tell what we're looking at from the thumbnails.


    Seeems like a common task in general, so I'm hoping there will be a Best Practice for getting it done.

    What do you think?



  • Well, I think I have a system

    Well, I think I have a system that does the job, AND it won't look terrible, either.  Do you have anything else to throw in on this one before we move on?  Thanks, Phil!