• Docuware on Mobile Android

    When login Docuware Mobile Android we get an error
    Login Failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication.

  • Export as Docuware Request

    When Export as Docuware Request from the Client Module, the Request is created.
    When the Request is run, we get the following error 

    Job failed!
    Field with name 'DWEXTENSION' is missing

    What can we do please?


  • Docuware Printer PS

    We have a problem with some Docuware Printer PS.

    When printing a number of pages an error occur - Error 1007: An error occurred while running Ghostscript.

    We update the Ghostscript and installed again the Docuware Printer PS driver. Still problem persist.

    Any help please.

  • RE: Smart Connect with Applications running in Tabs

    In the smart connect I changed the screen technology to capture the screen.

  • Store Dialog

    We know that the field name in the Dialog Store can be changed.

    Can Store Dialog fields have tooltips ?
  • Document Tray Notification

    How to set an email notification when receiving a new document in a Document Tray ?
  • Smart Connect with Applications running in Tabs

    We have an ERP application (window based) that have a unique title for the application, and the processes run in different Tabs.

    How can we use Smart Connect to capture the text in the Tab to show the Smart Connect Button ?

    Thanks and Regards
  • Import Document Processing Indexing

    We have Docuware ( with Docuware Import Only Licence (not with Intelligent Indexing and Forms licence).

    When configuring the Document Processing for Folder and Scanner the Indexing in the Processing Tab is disabled.
    On the source tab the checkbox Disable text and barcode recognition is unticked.

    When source is Printer indexing in the Processing Tab is enabled. 

    How do we active the indexing for Import from Folder and Scanner ?