• RE: Cloud System - Report to Audit User Access

    Asupport ticket has been opened for this issue.  Please disregard the question here.
  • RE: SQL connection for select list

    You may want to consider that this is a VIEW and will be subject to the performance of the SQL server that the view is coming from.
    Many times a separate remote SQL server for say accounting is used, it is busy, where the task queue is buried in requests and that view takes a while to populate or the memory or cpu is peaking on that server.  This will cause the VIEW to be slow.

    Sometimes modifying the view to have more distilled results of what it returns is the fix.  Sometimes fixing the remote servers resources is the fix.

    Also, if you can run the VIEW from SQL Mgnt Studio to see how long it takes to load you may find that it is just slow.  This is nothign to do with DocuWare.

  • RE: IE vs. Chrome Performance After Upgrade to 7.1

    I have seen this increased performance with Chrome as well.  Starting in v7 Chrome has been the gold standard to use with DocuWare.
    DocuWare has removed the need for Silverlight in its new version and I have seen speed differences of 4 times faster for chrome.  DW also has moved most of the Admin tool to the Configuration page which makes switching back and forth less likely.

    Agreeing with Joe that IE is antiquated (garbage) and Chrome is the future.  I have found no fixes for speeding up IE in the slightest. 
  • RE: BpwDesignService.svc could not be activated

    Rebooting the server has resolved this issue
  • Cloud System - Report to Audit User Access

    There used to be a way you could find out what Group and or Role each user had in an On-Prem DW system.
    Is there any way to accomplish that in a Cloud System?
  • Intelligent Indexing - Subscription Based

    I have a customer that want to have all of there invoices sent to a central location in the US.  They get invoices in the following countries languages.
    Can Auto Index interpret all of these languages or are some beyond the capability. 
    Also, can all this be done from a single tray or does a different tray need to be set up for each language?







    Great Britain






  • RE: .NET API - Execute a Query using Dialog expression

    Have you go to this site and see what it may offer you?
  • Intelligent Indexing - Multiple Language

    If I have a customer who is multi-national and want to scan invoices for their different countries which are in foreign langauges, can Intelligent Indexing and the OCR engine handle it so that they can all be processed in a main location?

    Mainly pulling basic invoice data and not line items
  • Auto-Assigning Available Named Licenses

    I believe in v7 when a cloud or or prem DW was set up with named licenses, the first X number of users added were assigned a named license automatically.  I never really paid attention to the actual actions that made it happen.

    It seems in v7.1 this is not the case.  Or, maybe I have the criteria wrong on how the auto assignment of named licenses happens.

    Account has 50 remaining named licenses available, when a user is added to an AD group and the User Sync tool populates DW Cloud the user is not assigned a license if one is open.

    Please clarify/straighten me out on how/if this works.
  • RE: Multi Cabinet Search and Editing Indexes

    Generally multi-cabinet searches use one cabinets search and result dialog associated with it.  Having common fields between cabinets makes it bring results form different cabinets.  Editing index data does not work because the dialogs are for a different cabinet.

    You may be able to open the document and choose edit index from the viewer icons and see if that will work for you.