• OK, thanks for the info. 

    OK, thanks for the info.  Good news is if you fix the way the sync grabs users that it automatically deactivates the user.  I have over 6000 that were grabbed, so they will remain!

  • Remove INACTIVE Users from Cloud

    Is there a way to do a one time removal of all INACTIVE users in a cloud account?

    A sync was done with the USERS node of AD and now there is a ton of clutter in there.  Using the search tool helps.


    Just seeing if there is a way to clean it up.

  • Thanks for the quick reponse.

    Thanks for the quick reponse.  This is a VM.  I am not having so much a speed issue as an error for files being stored in DW and then when you open them I get a  CRC error which I believe is related to IIS and compressing the http transmissions successfully.


    Thanks again for the rela fast response.

  • Settings for the Server NIC Network Adaptor

    In the past there were some settings to make on the Server Network Adaptor that made DocuWare work better across the network.

    Is this still true?  Is there a set of recommended settings for my setup below (I have 2 different accounts):

         #1  DW v6.12 on Server 2012 R2

         #2  DW v7.0 on Server 2016

  • Desktop Apps - IMPORT - Warnings

    I have several imports to cabinets running on the DW server connected to hotfolders on the same server.  Many times a document will show "Warning" in the history with a reason of could not connect to the specific cabinet.  This document is interlaced with ones that were successful.  If I tell it to RETRY it imports to the cabinet without issue.

    So my question is two fold.

    1.  Is there any way to set desktop apps to automatically retry imports that show WARNING?

    2.  What might be causing this type of error/warning.

    DW version 6.12 HF 8/2018



  • v7.0 requires the DB

    v7.0 requires the DB connection to the server and instance where 6.12 was forgiving.  Even if you are using the default instance.  This is true throughout any config screen that requires DB connection info.  So, below are two examples of how it may need to be input.  Note the slash is required in the second example.  You can prove that you have the right string of characters by connecting wit SQL Mgmt Tool with the string first.





  • Desktop Scan Issue

    Anybody seen this issue?

    User has desktop scanner, scans a page, clicks upload.  At the bottom of the screen no pag icon with the rotating arrow.  User can wait 5 minutes or 50 minutes with no change.  Document goes out of the scanner display page but never shows in the Tray.

    If the user tries to scan the page again and does the same steps, clicks upload and then the page icon for both scans (the prior one and the current one) appear at the bottom with the rotating arrows.  Then both documents show up in the Tray (now I have 2).

    Seems that the image processing step is not triggering, but I don't know for sure.


    Any suggestions?

  • Yes, i get it.  I actually

    Yes, i get it.  I actually had a different need but did basically the same thing.  I have two On-Prem Cabinets and One in the cloud.  I Sync to one of the on Prem Cabs, then transfer out what I need to the 3rd cabinet.


  • Transfer from Cloud to On-Prem not available

    I have set up a transfer from On-Prem to the cloud and tested it and it works.

    I tried to set up a Cloud to On-Prem transfer and I do not get the same choices.  Mainly the Other System selection for destination is not available.  (picture attached)

    Am I missing something?


  • It seems that DW now stores

    It seems that DW now stores the logging with the document.  Right click a document and select the history.  It will have two tabs.  Details are found there.