• RE: Document Processing - Folder

    I have answered my own question.

    A Keyword field can be populated by drawing multiple lines from the same single text zone and the configuring each line for a new segment of the data string.  I issue I an into that seems to be a bug with the window that allows you to set the screen info is that you cannot set the screen character and the position at the same time.  I had to set the Between Separator and the space character then close it, then reopen it and set the position to make it stick

  • DW7 - Fujitsu Scanner - ISIS Driver

    Does DW7 still work with an ISIS driver for scanning from the Tray?
  • Document Processing - Folder

    Is there a way to have a document processing config send lines of an OCR'd area to a Keyword field so that each line of the OCR'd area becomes a new entry in the Keyword filed?


    area to OCR:

    Current output to a Keyword field if the whole area is encompassed by a text ocr zone
    12345678 14524134 76544567

    Desired result, three Keyword entries
  • RE: v7 Selective Select Lists Validation -1536784037

    v7.1 fixes this issue.  I have tested it in the trial version and it appears to work are prescribed.
  • RE: Changing Logo on login

    Try this Custom.CSS
    I use two different resolution logo's one for the login page and one for the Web Client home.

    logo10 is the login page, logo20 is the web client.
  • RE: disable new document tray for automatically imported users

    My experience with the latest patched version 7 is that for on premise LDAP sync, no trays are added.  For User Sync to cloud, there is now a check box to determine if a Tray should be added for each user or not.  I included a screen shot of the Cloud User Sync Tool.
  • Instant Auto Index

    Is there a log somewhere for instant AutoIndex?

    I know where to find the logs for the BPS process when you schedule a task.  However, if you only run instant lookups it does not seem to create that same folder and structure.

    So, if I am trying to troubleshoot why an instant AutoIndex is not triggering, even tho the same settings work when I schedule it, where can I look to get a clue why it is unhappy?
  • OK, thanks for the info. 

    OK, thanks for the info.  Good news is if you fix the way the sync grabs users that it automatically deactivates the user.  I have over 6000 that were grabbed, so they will remain!

  • Remove INACTIVE Users from Cloud

    Is there a way to do a one time removal of all INACTIVE users in a cloud account?

    A sync was done with the USERS node of AD and now there is a ton of clutter in there.  Using the search tool helps.


    Just seeing if there is a way to clean it up.

  • Thanks for the quick reponse.

    Thanks for the quick reponse.  This is a VM.  I am not having so much a speed issue as an error for files being stored in DW and then when you open them I get a  CRC error which I believe is related to IIS and compressing the http transmissions successfully.


    Thanks again for the rela fast response.