• Update index value partially completed - API REST

    Hello everyone,

    I get a really strange behaviour while updating fields of a document through a REST request :

    {{ServerUrl}}/{{Platform}}/FileCabinets/{{FileCabinetId}}/Documents/{{DocumentId}}/Fields with PUT method.

    Regarding a document, some index value are updated , and some other not...!

    Between the updated index and the others not, I have same parameters in Filecabinet (upon rights, not readonly) , same type (ex : txt or date).

    When i put my request in postman, all my index value are updated !!

    I got crazy about it, the body of my rest request has been put in postman for being sure, and the difference of behaviour subsist.

    Same user is used for calling my rest Request, as well as with postman test.

    Do some someone has already encountered something similar ?

    Many thanks byadvance,


  • Issue fixed with accurate rights

    Hello Phil,

    I finaly found to configure accordant rights on workflow controller for my user...

    Thank you again,



  • Dear phil,

    Dear phil,

       Sure that the message is clear but the behaviour is less...First , I have obviously tried to assign rights on creating workflows and on the file cabinet  to another user, but i get same message.

      Secondly, i assigned full rights to my user , same behaviour.

       I copied the super admin user , checked well identicals rights , and same behaviour...

      (cloud v 7.0)

    Thank you for help,


  • WorkflowsController in task activitie's decision

    Hello all,

    My developpment concerns a workflow with goal to take in background a decision of an activite at the place of the user ...

    I do not understnad why i have to use in my code the only super admin user for to taking a decision.

    If i choose another user, i get from server an error 500 with the message above :

    " DWException: User with ID 4dc5320a-41d0-4486-a55f-450739740983 is not a controller for workflow with ID:xxxxx"

    It's binding because this super admin user can be locked by other way , or simply not the accurate one for my workflow.

    Do someone had same experience and issue  ?

    Thanks ,


  • Issue solved


    Sorry for the response delay, it was with a cloud 7.0. Thing is that when configuring the "general email" menu, the storing method ( from the tray ) must not use a storage dialog, otherwise you get all email in your tray with error messages during intelligent indexing treatment....

    If no storage dialog is selected, email are retrieved in the tray and treated by IIX normally.....waarf !! it has to be know..


  • Office 365 and Connect to email

    Hello all,

    I have a office365 email account with mail service set up (communication OK) and tested different configuration for storing the emails and attached files in a tray monitoring by Intelligent indexing.

    All configurations for storing email with attached files failed in my tray with an error item instead of the subject email.

    I can just see the email but whitout the attached files (wich is in fact what i have to index)

    I have tried all methods for storing the attached files in front or behind as welle as pdf or EmL....

    Only one configuration worked is to store only attached files in PDF.

    I loose the email that is required for followings..

    I have choose IMAP Configuration on port 993 and it works.

    Do someone encountered and solved this issue ?

    Thanks for help,





  • Here si a solution

    Hi chema,

    I 'm also developping with the rest paltform of Docuware 7.

    For replacing a document stored ,

    i look for the section id of the document by invoking this uri below and parse the slink with releivant section id ...


    after that , i invoke this Uri :

    Platform/FileCabinets/{id}/Sections/{id}/Data?documentInfoInFileName=0 and load my file in binary mode

    Don't forget to precise the content-type...in the header of your request

    Hope this help you ..



  • and what about REST calling multiple column selection list

    Dear Phil,

    What a pity to not have an uri for calling that described in title....

    Maybe further minor updates of DW7.1 ?

    And why not adding value in those selection list ? that may permit the repository of our customer to be uptodate...waaowww

    (Better than a poor csv file , no ?)




  • Also solved with Rest Call

    Hello and thank you for your contribution...

    I found a solution by onvokngthis method  :



  • Web services results call in Workflow manager - Complex type object

    Hello all,

    By using Web service Client in the workflow designer, we call only send simple type object type as integer, string, and maybe date or keyword, as call parameters.(associated to our global variable)

    Thing that the result of the web services can be a complex type object with many properties, is there any way to deal with this type of result ?

    By advance...