• RE: Is there any URL to take a user directly to all their tasks?

    That integration link will only show tasks within that workflow.  I've tried to deconstruct and reform the parameters, but it has not been fruitful. 

    Clearly there is a method which is used to access each section fully: Document trays, Search, Lists, Tasks ... this happens when those buttons are clicked, but it appears to be purely javascript. 

    My goal is to use the URL redirect after a form submission to take the user to their Tasks.  There, they view the merged data and confirm the document. (Because there's no way to see the document prior to submitting the form.) 

  • Is there any URL to take a user directly to all their tasks?

    I'm looking for some URL to direct Docuware to take the user directly to their tasks, as opposed to their document tray, a search, or lists?  I have in mind something like http://servername/DocuWare/Platform/WebClient/#My-Tasks (Example is completely made up, and doesn't do anything.)

    If there is any sort of link that will take any user directly to their tasks, that's what I'm looking for.  This has to be generic, not directed to one task list or one user.  Also would love to know if there are shortcuts to other areas like document trays, searches, lists, monitor tasks.

  • Workflow: How can I use "Fill area on the document" data assignment?

    In the 7.1 version of Workflow Designer there is now a data assignment option for the destination "Fill area on the document" which sounds enticing.  My searching for "fill area" has not turned up any information or even discussions on what this is or how to use it.  It's apparent I need to define a fill area to populate. 

    My only guess is this will put information directly onto the document image.  Right now that would be amazing for the project I'm working on, rather than using workflow decision stamps to embed that information.  

    EDIT: I didn't realize that my searches excluded help.docuware.com when I was searching in "All" ... I found what I was looking for:

    This is exactly what I needed!  Hopefully this helps someone else find that page.  

    Suggestion:  Have the "All" search at support.docuware.com include the help.docuware.com manual.
  • RE: ODBC Connection Not Working After Upgrade

    Oh thank you!  

    I named them differently to keep track of what I was seeing.  
    Thought I was being clever.
  • Can I use ODBC 32-bit data source for Workflow?

    I've created a 32-bit ODBC connection to a SQL Server 2000 database.  I have done this because DocuWare's SQL driver can't apparently connect to the ancient SQL Server 2000 directly.  I can connect to this ODBC source and authenticate using the ODBC driver in DocuWare Administration. 

    In Select Lists, the source is available to choose but I cannot see any tables or views when I select it.  It's an empty dropdown.
    In Workflow Designer, the source is again available, but choosing it gives the error "The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver and Application"  

    I tried also presenting it as a 64-bit ODBC connection, but DocuWare cannot see that one at all.  It must be 32-bit ODBC.  So what is this about the architecture mismatch?

    Can someone please advise what I'm missing?
    Thanks much,

    EDIT:  I am using:
    DocuWare 7.1 On-Premise
    Windows Server 2016 1607 (DocuWare Server)
    ODBC Data Source Administrator 32-bit
    SQL Native Client 10.0 ODBC driver
    ODBC Connection to SQL Server 2000
    (DocuWare databases themselves are hosted on SQL Server 2014)

  • RE: DocuWare 7 System Requirements

    I see the current version 7.1 System Requirements document (link above from Tobias).  But I cannot find the corresponding information for 7.0.  The closest I'm finding is this tiny document:

    Release Information > What's New in DocuWare Version 7 > Additional New Features and Usability Improvements in Version 7 > Configure and manage DocuWare > Changed System Requirements

    Then, when 7.2 comes out, the document for 7.1 will be updated for 7.2. 
    Then, the full list of requirements for both 7.0 and 7.1 will not be available.

    I suggest this current version System Requirements document be copied over to live with its little brother Changed System Requirements prior to being updated for the next release.  Or they can be combined.


    EDIT: The document for 7.1, Changed System Requirements and Technical Release Notes, is located in a different position.  I suggest the position within the version's What's New folder should be the same for each version.

  • Cloud 7.1: Updating a data file (file connection) fails: Device or resource busy

    I'm noticing in cloud 7.1 systems that the data file used in a file connection can be locked somehow, and therefore cannot be updated.  Here's a transcript of an FTP session (in FileZilla) to the data directory.  The destination directory already contains "File_Connection_1.csv" which now needs to be updated with new information.  (Actual path names are redacted - "unique_directory_characters" replaces the actual string of characters for this cloud system.)

    Status:      Starting upload of /path/to/document/File_Connection_1.csv
    Command:   CWD /unique_directory_characters/data
    Response:  250 OK. Current directory is /unique_directory_characters/data
    Command:   TYPE I
    Response:  200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary
    Command:   PASV
    Response:  227 Entering Passive Mode (40,122,29,90,157,205)
    Command:   STOR File_Connection_1.csv
    Response:  553 Can't open that file: Device or resource busy
    Error:        Critical file transfer error

    I think I locked this file when I was double-checking the columns for the file connection in the Administration tool, but the lock is still in place for quite a long time, it's been more than 4 hours now.  How can I get this lock to be released?  

    The only alternative seems to be create a new autoindex job pointing to a new file connection using a renamed copy of this updated file.  I have done this as a workaround in the systems where this is happening, so there is no currently open or waiting issue.

    Two questions:
    - Is this the expected behavior?
    - How long is this file lock supposed to exist?


  • RE: [Solved] Date assignments in workflow cause fault after upgrade (6.12 -> 7.1)

    This issue was already solved.  I only posted so others can find what I could not find when searching for this.

  • [Solved] Date assignments in workflow cause fault after upgrade (6.12 -> 7.1)

    We encountered an odd workflow glitch on upgrading a system from 6.12 to 7.1, so I want to contribute the solution to this forum.

    Accessing dates in Assign Data activities was causing a fault in workflow: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."  The solution was in the calendar settings in the DocuWare Administration > OrganizationName > General.  

    In this case, all days were found to be deselected, and start / end times were both 00:00:00.  Setting start/end to 00:00:00 / 11:59:59 and selecting some work days resolved this issue.  Dates could then successfully be assigned in workflow activities. 

    No new workflow version needed to be created for this to begin functioning.
  • RE: Form Select List Limit-1534361625

    I have the same question.  The cutoff limit applies in this case to a file connection.