• RE: Cloud Systems - Can it be discovered which system (US0 or US1) an organization is on?


    'nslookup' also works and I don't have to cancel the pings.  

    Thank you Josef!
  • RE: Desktop Service startup

    Steve, I've had pretty consistent luck with this method:

    - Open Services
    - Go to the properties for DocuWare Desktop Service
    - Change Start Up type to "Automatic (Delayed Start)"

    Although it will take a few extra minutes for the service to get up and running, it allows the service to start reliably after reboot in the handful of cases where I have made this change. 
  • Cloud Systems - Can it be discovered which system (US0 or US1) an organization is on?

    Recently I was working with a Cloud customer who was experiencing some timeouts and general lack of responsiveness in their workflow.  Checking the status site http://status.docuware.cloud/ I could see that one of the US 7.0 columns had a known issue in Workflow. 

    However, I couldn't be sure if that particular customer's organization was in US0 or US1.  Is there a way to discover which column on this chart a Cloud organization belongs to?

  • (Cloud) Field Mask error message cannot be changed.

    In a cloud system, I have edited the "Error message of invalid input" for a field mask, but the error message displayed to the user is the original message, instead of the new edited message.

    How can I display to users the new error message for this field mask without creating an entirely new field mask and replacing in all dialogs?


    EDIT: If it matters, the OrgID is in the new 5000000 range.

    EDIT 2: After about 20 minutes, the new error message is now being displayed to the user.

  • Was right click / context menu disabled for text fields?

    I recently installed the latest DW7 minor update (2019-01-18) for a customer, and I have a handful of people who are used to using the right-click context menu to paste into input fields.  I myself almost always use ctrl-c / ctrl-v so I didn't notice, but from what I hear the input field context menu was available before and has now been disabled in this version. 

    This is definitely a minor thing, but I'm curious enough to ask.  All the stanadard keyboard shortcuts still work, so it's just a bit of training for some people, a matter of being used to one method and now having to use another. Believe it or not, ctrl-c / ctrl-v is a brand new concept for some of our users!

    Release info: https://faq.docuware.com/en-us/knowledgebase/article/KBA-36141

    Previously running: 2018-12-07 update
    Currently running: 2019-01-18 update

  • Update date updated.

    I guess the KB article just had the wrong date.  It now shows 12/07. 
    I didn't think to look at the individual fix items before, they probably already matched the items in the 12/07 release PDF.

  • Application Pool Recycling


    You may find that lowering the interval between (i.e. increasing the frequency of) recycling events in the application pools mitigates this to some extent.  When I experienced this blank page with 6.11 it was rather persistent. Increasing frequency of recycling events did help a bit.  Further, scheduling "iisreset" to run at the start and end of the business day was another mitigator.

    On one installation, increasing the VM memory allocation (from 3GB to 6GB) entirely resolved the blank page issue (after a 6.11 hotfix still let it happen from time to time). 

    I know none of this is a solution, and it's all a stab in the dark since you're on 7.  I hope one or more of these can relieve some pressure off you until there is a good solution.  Best of luck!

  • Version 7 Updates - 12/28 update not available yet?


    The technical problem is that the task list sometimes doesn't fully refresh and becomes unresponsive after stopping a task from within "Monitor Tasks" although the task has actually been stopped.  I can see this in another browser tab.  Before I pursue a support request I'd like to get this customer on the latest update.  (Issue began after applying the 12-07 update.)

    But I'm having trouble with the update download.  Either I'm confused or it's not giving me the right one. 

    I'm looking at https://faq.docuware.com/en-us/knowledgebase/article/KA-01002

    • That document reports the latest update was on 2018-12-28
    • Following the link there opens the Version 7 Download document
    • Following the download link there goes to DW7_2018-12-07.zip


    Is the update for 2018-12-28 available for download?
    If not, when is it expected to be available?


  • Works like a charm

    I now am doing the same thing on an on-premise system.  I made a view for each group I needed based on the SQL you posted.  It works very well.

    Thank you!

  • WF_CURRENT_DATE is showing yesterday at 5pm.

    I'm stumped by an odd thing with dates in workflow, with an on-premise system that was just upgraded to 7.0.  This is a new workflow, so I'm not sure if the upgrade had anything to do with it.  

    - I'm using WF_CURRENT_DATE to datestamp an approval.  It is always showing yesterday at 5pm.  
    n my cloud system WF_CURRENT_DATE always shows today at noon.  
    (I know the time is not part of WF_CURRENT_DATE, no problem. But being recorded as 5pm instead of noon is odd)

    - I'm pulling a date field to prefill a task form field, and it decrements the already indexed date by one day.
    Indexed field:  Date = 12/13/2018
    Form: (Prefill: Index Data; Field: Date) = 12/12/2018

    Examined so far:
    - System times and timezone (US Eastern Standard, UTC -05:00) are correct on DW server, DB server, Client machine.
    - All other date fields in DW are correct: Stored, modified, document history items, even workflow history items.  And the 'x' shortcut for current date.
    - Returned value is off by -19 hours.
     - - Actual returned: "12/12/2018 5:00:00 PM" 
     - - Expected correct: "12/13/2018 12:00:00 PM"

    I did put in a service request, but if there's a file somewhere to change a number in and someone knows it, this may be faster.

    Thanks in advance.