• Version 7 Updates - 12/28 update not available yet?


    The technical problem is that the task list sometimes doesn't fully refresh and becomes unresponsive after stopping a task from within "Monitor Tasks" although the task has actually been stopped.  I can see this in another browser tab.  Before I pursue a support request I'd like to get this customer on the latest update.  (Issue began after applying the 12-07 update.)

    But I'm having trouble with the update download.  Either I'm confused or it's not giving me the right one. 

    I'm looking at https://faq.docuware.com/en-us/knowledgebase/article/KA-01002

    • That document reports the latest update was on 2018-12-28
    • Following the link there opens the Version 7 Download document
    • Following the download link there goes to DW7_2018-12-07.zip


    Is the update for 2018-12-28 available for download?
    If not, when is it expected to be available?


  • Works like a charm

    I now am doing the same thing on an on-premise system.  I made a view for each group I needed based on the SQL you posted.  It works very well.

    Thank you!

  • WF_CURRENT_DATE is showing yesterday at 5pm.

    I'm stumped by an odd thing with dates in workflow, with an on-premise system that was just upgraded to 7.0.  This is a new workflow, so I'm not sure if the upgrade had anything to do with it.  

    - I'm using WF_CURRENT_DATE to datestamp an approval.  It is always showing yesterday at 5pm.  
    n my cloud system WF_CURRENT_DATE always shows today at noon.  
    (I know the time is not part of WF_CURRENT_DATE, no problem. But being recorded as 5pm instead of noon is odd)

    - I'm pulling a date field to prefill a task form field, and it decrements the already indexed date by one day.
    Indexed field:  Date = 12/13/2018
    Form: (Prefill: Index Data; Field: Date) = 12/12/2018

    Examined so far:
    - System times and timezone (US Eastern Standard, UTC -05:00) are correct on DW server, DB server, Client machine.
    - All other date fields in DW are correct: Stored, modified, document history items, even workflow history items.  And the 'x' shortcut for current date.
    - Returned value is off by -19 hours.
     - - Actual returned: "12/12/2018 5:00:00 PM" 
     - - Expected correct: "12/13/2018 12:00:00 PM"

    I did put in a service request, but if there's a file somewhere to change a number in and someone knows it, this may be faster.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Installing as a hotfix though

    So to apply hotfixes, you download the whole installer, and run the setup.exe again, on the already installed docuware system?  Should services be stopped first?  If so, should the DB and authentication server still be running?  

    I haven't found instructions except for here which says only "With running the familiar setup routine again, the latest improvements are installed on your existing DocuWare system."

    And here which is pretty thorough but doesn't say anything about stopping services as we have done before.


  • Where does Desktop Apps keep its error log?

    I have looked in these locations and have not found an error log file for Desktop Apps or Desktop Apps Service. 

    C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare

    In Event Viewer, I selected all events from the following apps:
    - DocuWare Desktop
    - DocuWare Desktop Service
    - DocuWare Logging

    ... and the only things I am seeing there is service started / stopped. 

    I know that there are errors happening because DocuWare Printer is not sending output to the physical printer.  Users are getting transient error notifications in Windows (which are then not present in the Windows notifications pane later, btw.) 

    Where would I find any record or details of these errors?  


  • That seems like an elegant

    That seems like an elegant solution, thanks.  But this is on a cloud system, so I have no access to the database.

  • Select List = Users of a certain group?

    There's a chance I'm being daft.  But I can't figure this out.  

    I know the select lists exist for Users, Groups, and Roles, but I am looking for a way to get a select list of only the users in one certain group.  This will be used in the store dialog, and it will be a way to assign a document to someone in that group for review.  

    In workflow, there's an easy way to choose "user of a group" in a task form field, but what I'm trying to do is put this in the Store dialog instead, so that requires a select list to be used.

    The pic attached is as close as I've come.  But I really don't think anything in there is going to help me.

    Am I missing something dumb, or is there simply not a way?

    Thanks for insights!


  • Ohhhhh

    Thank you.

    That looks a lot like the FAQ I found, but this one is firefox specific and talks about the certificate at https://localhost:8091 -- I certainly did not get that from what I was looking at before.

    That solved it.  Thanks much!

    Also - thanks for fixing the error link "Have it installed already and need more help?"  It now goes straight to that FAQ; before it pointed to a missing article ID and redirected to the FAQ search page. 

  • Desktop Apps - Connect / Use in Firefox Quantum


    I used to be able to rely on Firefox to behave properly with Desktop Apps, but now after a recent update I find the site is no longer able to interface with the Desktop Apps.  Scan, copy/paste from document, Edit & Send, and also Connect to Desktop apps no longer work.  The current version is 62.0.3, and this applies to both 32- and 64-bit versions. 

    I suspect there is a new security default in Firefox which is preventing the site from connecting to desktop apps.  Does anyone know how to re-enable Desktop Apps functionality in this newest version of Firefox? 

    Thanks much for any insight,



    PS: Oddly, the minimum image size for attachments is 220x220px - I had to make it extra tall to accomodate. 


  • Autoindex Filter - Can my Filter compare a field to another field?

    Here's some background.  There are hundreds of thousands of documents, and I need to lengthen a status field which is currently only 15 characters.  While that is enough typically, it does not let me do compound triggers in Workflow Designer. 

    e.g.  Invoice Status > equals > New OR Pre-Approved

    Normally that would work, but here it does not because "New OR Pre-Approved" is more than 15 characters, and in Workflow Designer, you cannot enter more than 15 characters for an index value which is limited to 15 characters.

    So, I'm using a tempoary field "Longer Invoice Status" of length 100 and using autoindex to populate it.  I'll later delete the original field, recreate it also at 100 chars.

    However, it's taking such a long time to run that documents will have their Invoice Status changed, and the Longer Invoice Status will be stale by the time I sync that back into the new (longer) Invoice Status field.


    Can I simply use Autoindex with a filter comparing Invoice Status to Longer Invoice Status?  I'm hoping there is a way to use the "IS (where clause)" comparison option, but I cannot figure out what syntax to use.  I'd like to process only documents ...


    NOTE: This is a cloud system, so I have absolutely no access to the database.

    Thanks to everyone that may have some idea.



    In Workflow, I am using "If _ALL_ of the following conditions are fulfilled" :

    • Document type > equals > Invoice In
    • Invoice Status > equals > New OR Pre-Approved
    • Invoice Status > has changed

    Therefore using "If _ANY_ of the following conditions.."  is not an option.