• RE: Parallel TASK Approval

    I have a similar situation, although my task is read/acknowledge or comment, as this workflow is for our legal department for whey they are routing agreements that need to be seen by several parties who will be commenting and revising the agreement prior to its final draft/state to present to the other party.

    My problem is when in the parallel task the decisions are to read/acknowledge the comments made previously or to add additional comments.  I, like Casey, don't want the task to be fed back into the task BEFORE all of the task users have made a decision on the initial comment.  Right now, if someone adds another comment BEFORE everyone has read the previous comment, then that initial comment is overwritten by the second comment.  I've tried a condition, but that doesn't seem to work and wasn't sure how to execute the exit condition. See example attached.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!