• Multiple columns in dropdowns?

    Hi, I would like to implement a multiple column drop down to let the user choose an entry for a fiel in a from of a task.

    But it does not work.

    I have added a txt file utf8 txt file (GewerkKonto.txt)with following content:




    1003;Blablablah and so on

    1004;end of test


    so my question is, how do I set up this or can I only offer drop downs with just 1 column in a descision of a task?

    As you can see in my screenshot I won't be offered the GewerkKonto.txt



  • Hi Gerardo, 

    Hi Gerardo, 

    thank you for the link, I think this might help for other fieldmasks we are still working on. Great tool!

    Joe, thank you very much for you contribution aswell.

    Works for us

  • Thanks guys for your great

    Thanks guys for your great help, appreciate this.

    I will try to implement this and will report. Cheers!

  • Fieldmask / Feldmasken

    Hi all,


    after studiyng the documantation regarding filedmasks, I am stuck and would like to ask the forum.

    I would like to create a fieldmask for invoicenumbers. The mask should only accept numbers and alphanumeric AND only - (Character minus) as separators, no space, no underscore or other characters. The entry could be something between 1 and 100 characters. Minus is allowed no time, one time or multiple times. Any ideas?



    These should be valid data: