• Compacting/Compressing/Optimising PDF Documents already stored in the Filecabinet

    What would the best way to approach this?

    We have close to 5TB worth of scanned PDF's, which we would like to compress/compact. We have found an SDK that is showing promising results that is able to compress/compact pdfs to 1/10th of the size.  

    However from DW API. how do we replace the existing document with the optimised PDF?

    Do we do a checkout/checking? and how do we prevent the existing file from being retained as part of the version history?

    Any ideas?

  • Webclient - Search - Download Document - In Original File Format - Set Filename


    Tried searching multiple different terms, unable to find any useful information.

    When the user downloads the files from Docuware Webclient

    - Single file - the filename seems to be the DWNAME field of the FC Table - Despite the Document Name being set as field EXPORTFILENAME (which is a concatenated field) in the file cabinet database field settings "Document Name". I would expect this to be the contents of the EXPORTFILENAME field.

    - Multiple Documents - resulting ZIP contains Folder has the Document Name but the Document is original filename which is incorrect

    I need to have the folder as EXPORTFILENAME and the Files in the folder has the EXPORTFILENAME + _1/_2/_3

    What is the correct way of handling this?  

  • Preventing stamps being placed on wrong document type


    We have different document types, each with their own associated stamps, but since stamps can only be limited to a file cabinet and the stamps are always available irrespective of the document your are viewing.. we end up with the incorrect stamp being placed.

    One of the approval stamps has a simple signature, if applied incorrectly to a wrong document would prevent further non signature stamps being applied.

    I  have created roles and FP, FC Profiles where I assign stamps to specific roles that would only work with specific document types, however I have managers that have access to all stamps.

    Any ideas on how to prevent a stamp from being placed on a wrong document?


    DW6.7 (yes I know old... (lots of integrations))

  • SDK - Clip a new upload document to an existing Document in Docuware


    Could you please confirm how I would upload a new document as a clipped document to an existing document in Docuware using the existing documents' DWDOCID in SDK/API?



  • Just some feedback, it seems

    Just some feedback, it seems the when scanning documents with Canon imaging software, its not fully PDF/A compliant as confirmed by Adobe Acrobat Pro reports (missing output intent), however when it is scanned from Docuware Desktop Apps, it is PDF/A compliant.  The issue that arises, is that when the document is emailed to a customer as an attachment, through a workflow and viewed in a webbrowser with an adobe reader extension, it complains about color space and refuses to open the file, if the customer downloads the file, and views it in the desktop application, the document can be viewed. Enfocus Pitstop Server may be used to preflight files as an intermediate step, (would be nice if the Docuware workflow can output the file to a folder, then collect the processed file from folder and continue the workflow. (not sure if the later version has this already?




  • Thank you Gents for the

    Thank you Gents for the advice,

    The Dialogs makes more sense. Will communicate the same to the customer. 

  • Hi Phil,

    Hi Phil,

    I dont really want to go down that route, as the customer may want to have a single list of all documents in one result list. 

    I have however discovered a document can be locked (by mistake), which prevents checkout or editing, where a record is added to the <filecabinet>_Lock table, This behaviour is what I am after, and could be exploiteD.



  • Prevent Changes to Specific Documents based on Index Field


    Is there a way to lock specific documents to prevent changes being made to a document?

    In example, a document has a lifecycle: Template->Draft->Beta->Approved

    Users can edit if in status Template, Draft and Beta, but may not change a document if in approved status? (Also Editing/Check Out would need to be disabled)

    Is there a way this can be done in Docuware?


  • Full Text: Remove Text Shots from DWDATA without Reprocessing


    We have a rather large file cabinet (5m+ docs), where we disabled full text for the file cabinet, however, we still have text shots in the db xxxxxx_PAGE for when it was enabled, totalling 30gb of data.  As per the manual, you can "Reset complete fulltext including extracted text" however this will reprocess all documents, and this is not what we want. Is there another way to clear this table?  


  • Emailed Document: Invalid ColorSpace


    We recently received a complaint from a large customer, complaining that they are not able to open the PDF. They are accessing the PDF via Internet Explorer and Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin.  The error they are presented with is There was an error processing a page, Invalid ColorSpace. 

    We tried the same, and the file seems to open fine when saved to disk, tried Save Original, Save with Annotations, Save without Annotations, but fails to open via Browser. It seems to affect some of the documents (not all).

    Various forums advise to save the PDF to disk and then open.

    The origin of the file is Docuware Scan App, (Desktop Apps), using a Canon 1060 Scanner. 

    As per Adobe Forum, they are blaming a non compliant PDF/A or syntax errors within the PDF.


    We are using DW6.7 HF54 


    My question is as follows:

    1. if Docuware sends a document via email, does it manipulate the file or convert it to PDF/A prior to sending?

    2. Is there a fix that can be applied to fix this issue.

    Other suggestions or potential fixes?