• Run Setup?

    You may just need to run setup again and select the Engine from the component list.  That should drop it in there and you should see it light up in the DW Control Panel.  Workflow Server and Workflow Engine are 2 separate items on that checklist.  

  • Workflow Engine

    Hi Joe,

    Casey, you beat me to it.  Workflow Server (along with BPS in DW 6.11+) runs the built in workflows that DW offers - UserSync, Delete, Export, etc.  Those tasks (if I recall) will eventually all transfer to BPS as each new version is released.

    Workflow Engine runs the flows you build in the designer tool and can get quite complex.  So yeah...if you dont have Workflow Engine installed, those workflows won't run at all.  And I echo Casey's surprise in that you could even create and/or publish a basic WF - I thought Designer connected to Engine somewhere along the line to do publishing.  Engine is a separately licensed product.

    Your third bullet refers to an option in the admin client (or somewhere else in web admin now?) - you need to turn on the cabability of a cabinet to use a workflow.  It may not show up until Engine is installed.  Another tab called "Tasks" will show up in the WebClient once everything syncs up and a user gets a task assigned to them.  Or something like that anyway.



  • I think check your quotes,

    I think check your quotes, NOT should be outside, otherwise it would be looking for NOT in in the index value.  NOT LIKE "*COMPLETE"   might do it...

  • That is a function that can

    That is a function that can be enabled/disabled on the result list dialog, at least in 6.11 and prior.  Not sure if that changed in 6.12.  So you'd need to make a separate Role for the users you want to be able to change multiple documents at the same time, with a specific Search/Result dialog combo assigned that has the function enabled.

  • Functional Profile

    I think what you're looking for would be a functional profile.  User Administration - Functional Profiles in the admin client.  They can be assigned to a ROLE.  Once upon a time in the thick client days, we could control what options showed on each and every dropdown menu - FIle, Edit, etc with a functional profile.  I think they show up in DWGeneralProfile in DWSYSTEM.  You can assign various stamps the same way, if you only want a specific group to have access to a stamp that updates a certain set of fields - like a user audit/QC type process - just make a profile for "audit stamps" and assign that profile to only the role(s) you want to perform that funciton.  


    Document trays are essentially a file cabinet, so all their settings will show up in the file cabinet tables in DWSYSTEM.  It takes a bit to piece it all together but you should be able to see what users (DWFCProfileToUser or DWFCProfileToRole) are assigned to a particular profile (DWFCProfile).  We don't use C2O, but C2M configs show up in DWUserSettings.  

    I know I've come across the Import Configs somewhere, but I can't find them right now!