• I think check your quotes,

    I think check your quotes, NOT should be outside, otherwise it would be looking for NOT in in the index value.  NOT LIKE "*COMPLETE"   might do it...

  • That is a function that can

    That is a function that can be enabled/disabled on the result list dialog, at least in 6.11 and prior.  Not sure if that changed in 6.12.  So you'd need to make a separate Role for the users you want to be able to change multiple documents at the same time, with a specific Search/Result dialog combo assigned that has the function enabled.

  • Functional Profile

    I think what you're looking for would be a functional profile.  User Administration - Functional Profiles in the admin client.  They can be assigned to a ROLE.  Once upon a time in the thick client days, we could control what options showed on each and every dropdown menu - FIle, Edit, etc with a functional profile.  I think they show up in DWGeneralProfile in DWSYSTEM.  You can assign various stamps the same way, if you only want a specific group to have access to a stamp that updates a certain set of fields - like a user audit/QC type process - just make a profile for "audit stamps" and assign that profile to only the role(s) you want to perform that funciton.  


    Document trays are essentially a file cabinet, so all their settings will show up in the file cabinet tables in DWSYSTEM.  It takes a bit to piece it all together but you should be able to see what users (DWFCProfileToUser or DWFCProfileToRole) are assigned to a particular profile (DWFCProfile).  We don't use C2O, but C2M configs show up in DWUserSettings.  

    I know I've come across the Import Configs somewhere, but I can't find them right now!