• RE: neue Art des Dokumentes / Belegart hinzufügen 7.4.

    Was ist denn in der Konfiguration des Ablagedialogs in diesem Feld als Auswahlliste hinterlegt? 

    Wenn seit Anlage des Ablagedialogs keine besonderen Einstellungen getroffen wurden, sollte hier "Standard-Auswahlliste" angezeigt werden. Das bedeutet, dass in diesem Indexfeld alle Einträge angezeigt werden, die das Archiv in diesem Indexfeld kennt. Es muss also nur für 1 Dokument die neue gewünschte Belegart manuell eingegeben und das Dokument angelegt werden, ab dann zeigt der Ablagedialog auch diese neue Belegart an.

    Alternativ kann man eine Auswahlliste mit den gewünschten Belegarten selbst anlegen und beim Indexfeld Belegart in diesem (und eventuell in anderen) Ablagedialog diese Auswahlliste statt der Standard-Auswahlliste hinterlegen. (Indexdialoge der Ergebnislisten/Listen dabei nicht vergessen)
  • RE: Signature Services for Docusign

    There is also an 18-page pdf in the partner portal's Document pool titled "Signature Service Configuration DocuSign"
  • RE: Workflow Conditions using strings

    Use VBA's InStr -method in the condition's arithmetic expression to check if a substring occurs in another string.

  • RE: add row to table field with the API (C#)

    Hello Jon, 

    Don't omit the call to GetDocumentFromSelfRelation(), especially when you want to work with table fields.
    This is probably what is causing your "Object reference not set to an instance of an object.".issue.

    This should work:

    MyDoc = MyDoc.GetDocumentFromSelfRelation();

    Call GetDocumentFromSelfRelation() on the document. 

    I'll try to explain:

    With the DocuWare API you always retrieve some of the things we are dealing with when configuring DocuWare Systems. You get FileCabinets from an Organization, documents from FileCabinets, sections from documents, etc. 
    To do this, you use methods that the API offers. However, in many cases, you are actually not getting the complete "thing", but some kind of lightweight representation of it.
    Not all associated attributes are populated. 
    In You case, I'm willing to bet that the document's table field is null, even though You can probably see rows in the table field for that document in the webclient.

    Calling GetDocumentFromSelfRelation() before that fixes this, and your table field should now be populated.

    My best guess is that this is done for performance reasons. Problably to remedy a 1+n problem.

    So whenever you have to drill down deep into a document, make sure you have the selfdocument loaded. 

  • RE: Gibt es eine Hierarchie der Archiv-Berechtigungen?

    Bis zur aktuellen Version 7.4 bleibt es genau so, wie Sie beschreiben. 
    Standardberechtigungen übertrumpfen die erweiterten Berechtigungen und Berechtigungen sind stets additiv. Es gibt im Gegensatz z.B: zu NTFS-Berechtigungen kein "deny", das alle "allows" übertrifft.

    In der Tat ist es nicht einfach, ein etabliertes Archiv von Standardberechtigungen auf erweiterte Profile umzustellen, aber wenn die Zugriffsrechte präzise formuliert werden können und die Organisation in der Benutzerverwaltung gut strukturiert ist, sollte es schon möglich sein.

  • RE: Workflow has been unpublished because an endless loop

    KBA 35837 states, that the value for SystemActivityLoopTreshold should be changed in DocuWare.Bpw.Service.exe.config in order to achieve this.

    What is the difference? Is it due to different DocuWare Versions?
  • RE: Capture repeating data from a document using Document Processing

    Unfortunately, this is not possible. 

    Your best chance is to attach the database of the software system that these payment reports come from and retrieve the numbers of the associated invoices that way.
  • RE: Validated ID integration, problem with updating index fields

    Can You elaborate on "When these entires are assigned, the workflow fails."? Does the validation in the webservice return a negative result? This usually shows an error message to guide You.

    Are you configuring off some ind of template or demonstration? I believe Your variable "StatusFieldName" should hold the value for the webservice's "SuccessStatusField" parameter. I'm not dure if this requires the display name of this indexfield or the database name, but you chould check if those names differ, maybe the field was renamed at some time.

    Also, You supplied user credentials that the webservice uses to search for this indexfield and update it. Make sure that user has sufficient rights to do that, especially if You are using extended rights in that file cabinet.

  • RE: Docusign Integration with Docuware configuration


    I'd like to help by answering some of your questions in the word document you sent, starting on oage 4:

    Webservice credentials:
    You have entered the correct credentials here, otherwise you would not be able to set any values or use the "Find methods" button for this webservice in the workflow designer.
    You also have the "Test connection" button in the webservice configuration. If you click this and you get a green response popup (save settings first), the url and the credentials are fine.

    WebService parameters:
    While some values may be optional, I believe You are missing some parameters that are necessary for the signature process to work. 
    For instance: You are trying to create a signature process of type "remote" (Method AddNewDocumentRemote"), which I sets up communication with the signer via email. You are providing the parameters EmailMessage and EmailSubject, but not SignerEmail.
    Read the documentation for the webservice DocuWare has provided. There should be an explanation for each parameter.

    Also, if you are actually using the webservice with a document and you are missing a parameter or sending an invalid parameter, the webservice will give you feedback on the problem. That is what the result parameters of the webservice are for.

    Set up global variables for Message, Success and EnvelopeID, then set these global variables under "result parameters".
    You do not need to supply values for these global variables, the webservice will do that for you. So you can run the workflow with test documents and check the workflow history for the result parameters to gain insight if something went wrong during development of the workflow.
  • RE: Program Data\DocuWare\Temp be cleaned out??-1542039597

    Hello Jon,

    Your message spiked my curiosity. I have checked on an OnPremise-System of one of my customers.
    I noticed that in the path You specify there is - amongst others - a subfolder Platform/adhoc-rendering where I see pdf files of our customers documents (Currently about 30% of the number of documents stored in the archives.)
    This could be some form of file-based caching for the document viewer !?! (recently viewed or stored documents?)
    In that case, I can imagine this folder growing fast when a large batch of documents is imported within a short time.