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    Thanks for your reply Marie, we have attempted to use the direct to file cabinet option but as you say, it seems to be missing the intelligent indexing sections - the Customer and Purchase Order number fields in this case.

    Is there a way to have these picked up with the direct to cabinet option?
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    Thanks Tobias, I think I am starting to understand some of the terminology for Docuware.

    It seems we have 2 document trays. Users are using the outlook app to set the indexing values in outlook, which then sends the emails into 1 of the 2 trays in Docuware, with this indexing information coming through with it. The users complaint is that they then have to access the web app and click 'store' on all these imports.

    I noticed their is a 'store automatically' option in the rightclick menu, if the users select all the emails in the Docuware tray and used this would it store using the indexing values the items have against them from the outlook app selection? If so, is there a way to automate this so the users do not have to login to the webapp and manually initiate this?

    I have attached a few screen snaps to hopefully help illustrate.
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    Please let me preface by saying I have little to no prior experience with Docuware! 

    I have been asked to look into an issue reported by some of our users and we currently do not have anyone else with a great deal of back knowledge of Docuware, so here I am!

    Users are using the docuware outlook addon to send emails with order attachements into the Docuware web app. We have about 8 'trays' setup, and the emails all come in to one mailbox. The users would like these to automatically store in the Docuware web app - they are complaining that they have set the correct tray in Outlook and are then having to go into Docuware as an extra step to actually get them to go into these trays. The emails appear in the Docuware 'holding' area with the correct sub-trays populated.

    Is there a setting to enable this to happen? I have looked through the admin console and see that the trays are 'manual storage' type.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.