• AutoIndex - Link 2 indexes of 2 documents in the same armory.


    I'm looking to change an index of a document automatically, and i'm having dificultes doing so. 

    Exemple: When the quotation goes to arquive, the invoice with the same nº reference get is status modified with the name of the client on the quotation.

    Start WF: When the "Status" of Document type "Quotation" change to "Arquived"

    Matching = "Nº Reference" is igual on DocumentType =" Invoice" and Document Type = "Quotation",

    Then index "Status" of Invoice will be igual to Index "Client" of the quotation.

    Is it possible throught Autoindex "Based on armory datas" or it have to be exported to an external document then imported back?

    Looking forward for your precious help.

    Thank you.
  • Thunderbird

    Dear community,

    I would like to know if Thunderbird is compatable with docuware.

    Is "Thunderbird to Docuware" is configurable by any way, as "Outlook to Docuware" is working?

    Thank you.