• XML Configuration for Desktop App

    Hi all,

    I would like to know where is located the file where i can find the URL of desktop apps connection ?

    Because in 7.4, we cannot find this file "Client.Setup.exe.xml" in ProgramData/Docuware... 
    -> https://support.docuware.com/en-us/knowledgebase/article/KBA-35184

    I have to find it to manual update with SCCM tools of my client.

    Many thanks !

  • RE: Date Format "dd/mm/yyyy" in Workflow

    Hello all,

    So, for the moment i have split my actual index into 3 text variable like that :

    Put the date indexe in text variable, and then split it like that :

    Year variable : Split(GV_DATE__DOC, "/")(2)
    Month variable : Split(GV_DATE__DOC, "/")(0)
    Day variable : Split(GV_DATE__DOC, "/")(1)

    Then compose your date like you want :



  • Date Format "dd/mm/yyyy" in Workflow

    Hi there,

    I would like to format my date to input it in file name.

    I try that : 

    Put my date in Global Text Variable : GV__DATE
    and then try to format it like that, in another indexes that give my filename : GV_CDPF + "_" + GV_NATURE__DOC +  "_" + Format(GV_DATE__DOC,"dd/MM/yyyy")

    The result : 12345_Invoice_dd/mm/yyy

    I don't know where i'am wrong..

    Thanks !!