• Obtainin max value of an index

    Hi all,

    I am a user of Dw Cloud, I need every time I store a type of document in Docuware, a flow starts and a (numeric) counter is incremented only for that type of document, that is, if I have a document called "Request" , every time I store this type of document, I start a Workflow, in which I need to obtain the maximum value of the stored Requests and increase it by +1 to keep track of the stored requests.

    The fact is that from the Workflow, I am not able to obtain the maximum value of the last stored request since the SQL statements I can use only allow me to write the WHERE clause,

    Can somebody help me? if not in this way, another alternative to increase the counter every time I enter a type of document,

    Thank you very much, greetings, David.