• This is DW7 on premise. I

    This is DW7 on premise. I came to the same conclusion as you, but I would like to hear your work-around.

  • Stamping Using data from Current Document Keyword Field

    My customer is wanting to create a stamp where they can select from a drop down of keywords. The issue is that they want to limit the options to the keyword ONLY on the current document. So if a user opened Document A with a keyword field of 1,2,3. They would be able to select a stamp and be prompted with an entry box (using a select list) that has only the options 1,2,3. Has anyone done this before? I was hoping there is an ability to use variables in select list SQL such as: SELECT * FROM dwdata.FileCabinet_Keywords WHERE DWDOCID=<CurrentDWDOCID>

    Any input is appreciated.

  • Hide Workflow Functions in Web Client

    I have a customer who is using DocuWare Online for a simple file and find solution. But the "Tasks" buttons appears in all users pages (As in it says "Document Trays", "Searches", and "Tasks")

    They have have no need for Tasks so I'm hoping to hide it and also hide the "Send Request" button. Any way I can do that?

    I noticed other articles explaining Custom CSS would be necessary but that would not be worth it for me.