• RE: Make index fields read only based on a value of an index field

    Hi Fabian, 

    Yes, it's the same. Form the customer point of view it should happen when the process is Completed. But in DW, we use a index field called GP Flag, which is set to DONE when the process is completed. 

    Thanks and regards

  • RE: Make index fields read only based on a value of an index field

    Hi Martin, 

    Yes I have removed users and roles from the standard Profiles.

    If we have the "Read only" index value profile only, then the documents are read only, but it will only show documents where the status is completed. When we add the "Editable" index value profile, then all documents are shown, but are editable again.

  • Make index fields read only based on a value of an index field


    The client's requirement is as follows. After a document is stored and goes through its workflow, the final status is set to "Complete". After this stage, the document index entries shouldn't be editable (only be read only) for all users. It should be searchable and viewable to all users, but not editable.

    We tried using "Index Value Profiles" based on this article. 

    We created and applied two profiles, one for editable and one for read only. But it doesn't work.

    Please see attached screen shots.

    Any input or ideas on how to achieve the above client requirement is much appreciated.

    Thank you and best regards

  • RE: Can you put a stamp automatically in a workflow without a user actioned task?


    Thanks for creating the ticket. 

    But I was able to get to the result I wanted by using both stamps and annotations. The stamp just showed the date and the text "Approved". Any additional data was added as an annotation.
  • Can you put a stamp automatically in a workflow without a user actioned task?


    When we change index data in the workflow, can we put a stamp on the document with those changed data? It can't be a task where the user would have to take some action. It has to be automatic.

    Is there a way to do it in a workflow?

    Thank you
  • Capture repeating data from a document using Document Processing


    Our client prints a Batch Payment Report (like the one attached), using DocuWare Printer. The report has multiple invoice numbers, and the number will vary from report to report. it is shown as Document No. in the attached sample. 

    The Document data is captured by a Document Process and stored in a filing cabinet. At the moment, it captures the header data. 

    Is it possible to capture the multiple Document Numbers into an index field, perhaps a keyword field? Note that the number of items in each report will vary.

    Appreciate your help on this :)

    Thank you 
  • RE: File upload via FTP using Windows ftp commands

    Hi Craig, 

    Thanks for the reply. Is there any way to upload a file to the unique path using command line ftp?
  • File upload via FTP using Windows ftp commands


    We have created an AutoIndex to copy data from client's DB to Docuware. It uses a file connection to a file on the FTP Data location. The CSV file is created from a DB daily. Once the CSV file is created it has to be uploaded to the FTP location so that the AutoIndex can also be run daily.

    We want to automate this as a daily task, so I created a batch script to create the file an upload it. The file creation part is fine. The issue is in trying to upload it to the ftp location. The ftp commands are able to connect to the host (ftp.docuware-online.de) using client's Docuware admin user. But it fails to put the file. 

    These are the ftp commands saved in a file.
    open ftp.docuware-online.de
    lcd C:\DB_Export
    put GL-Codes.csv

    The .bat file calls the following command.
    ftp -s:ftpScript.txt

    This is the response
    ftp> open ftp.docuware-online.de
    Connected to ftp.docuware-online.de.
    220-Welcome to DocuWare FTP Server!
    220 Only anonymous FTP is allowed here
    200 OK, UTF-8 enabled
    User (ftp.docuware-online.de:(none)):
    331 Any password will work
    230 Any password will work
    ftp> lcd C:\DB_Export
    Local directory now C:\DB_Export.
    ftp> put GL-Codes.csv
    200 PORT command successful
    532 Invalid permissions
    ftp> quit
    221-Goodbye. You uploaded 0 and downloaded 0 kbytes.
    221 Logout.

    It successfully connects to ftp.docuware-online.de, but it doesn't seem to go to the ftp.docuware-online.de/clientGUID/data/ - folder. This is the folder that file connection uses to check for files. We already have couple of files here, but none are shown when we connect from FTP

    If we type ftp://ftp.docuware-online.de/clientGUID/data/ on Windows Explorer it opens up the folder.

    I tried connecting with FileZilla too and it connects to ftp.docuware-online.de, but lists empty root folder, not /data.

    1. How do I navigate to the data folder?

    2. Is it possible to use the ftp commands to upload files to the /data folder?

    3. If ftp commands can't be user, how can I automate the file upload?

    If anyone has previous experience using ftp commands to upload to the FTP /data folder, your advice is appreciated. 

    Thank you