• RE: Annotations After Document is stamped

    Hi Josef,

    The documents are currently being stamped in the workflows - would unchecking "simple signature" do the trick?


  • Annotations After Document is stamped

    We used to be able to put annotations after a stamp was applied through Document workflows. This is not something that was done too often, but now users are unable to put annotations after the document is stamped. The annotation options are greyed out. 

    It's not a permissions issue, as this problem persists when using an admin account.

    Where is the setting to allow annotations?

    We're running Docuware Cloud.

  • Convert date to text in workflow


    I'm looking to convert data stored as a date to text format. For example: I would like to get from January 23, 2019 to 012319 or 0119.

    What would be the simplest way to achieve that? 


  • Autoindex match on date

    I'm trying to create an autoindex job that will catch documents with the same account number and date. However, I can't seem to select date fields as a matching field. Any ideas on how to get this to work?

  • Worked

    Hi Joe,

    This worked! 

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hi Joe,

    Hi Joe,

    I tried that, but I am able to enter more than the maximum amount of characters indicated. I think the logic is sound, and am starting to wonder if this is a bug.


  • Field Mask Definitions


    I'm having trouble setting up a simple field mask: I'm looking to restrict a field to a maximum of 18 [A-Za-z0-9] and minimum of one, including the possibility of spaces and punctuation marks. 

    I'm not finding the guide http://help.docuware.com/en/#b64084t63463n87516 overly helpful.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • Summary of overdue tasks

    Hi all - I'm looking to for a way to send a single email daily with all overdue tasks for a given workflow step. 

    This way, once tasks are overdue, a single email can go out to a designated manager instead of an email for each document. Specifically, I'm looking to notify a manager which users are lapsing and not completing their tasks on time.

    What I've tried to do so far: Create a list through setting an index field to the due date of the task. I haven't been able to pull that information from the workflow. I've thought of taking the current date right before the task and adding days to calculate the due date of the task, but that doesn't work because I haven't been able to add working days only.

    Set an email notification with the users assigned field as "Show value of this field as a link" after a task was triggered a set number of days ago. Aside from the same issue of not being able to calculate the date based on working days, users show up in that email a number of times: If there are 150 documents assigned to 10 users that are overdue, there are 150 lines in the email, while I am looking for 10.

    Has anyone done or tried to do anything similar?

  • Workflow description formats

    Is there any way to insert line breaks in a form?

    I've been doing this using multiple fields.

    Are there any formatting options that can be done in the description field?


  • Hi Jozef,

    Hi Jozef,

    Indeed, the logic was flawed. When I switched the OR operator to AND, it ended up working.