• Changing File Name of documents within clipped documents

    Does anyone know how I might achieve changing the filename of clipped documents especially if I need to export them with a specific index data value.

    For eg. Statements and Invoices are clipped (API) and sent via email (Workflow) to customer. The zipped file contains the correct documents, however the filenames of the documents adopt iteratively the original filename_1

    Before clipping, DocuWare splits and indexes the invoices from a single PDF (using barcode). 

    I do notice the Section Class contains 'OriginalFileName' but for the life of me cannot figure out how to commit a change I make to it. I've also tried changing 'DWNAME' and the document Title. Document Name is marked Document Number in the File Cabinet configuration.

    Anybody have any idea?
  • Thanks

    I will review your links and revert if anything is unclear


  • REST API - Validate user

    Good day.

    We would like to use REST API services for integration, but always get the "401 Unathorised" error message.

    Any advise on how to validate a user using the REST URI /DocuWare/Platform/Organizations/{id}/ValidateUser 

    The documentation is not clear.


    Assuming the following details, kindly provide an example of how one goes about validating the user.

    Server NameUser NamePassword


    docuware admin password