• Workflow tasks - time delay

    If a task goes into a "time delay" I am then unable to see this task even logged in as admin and using monitor tasks. Is this correct?
  • Local data connections not showing in designer

    The cloud was updated for our customer on Sunday 7th June to 7.3 and there were several issues after the update.
    All are resolved except, none of the local data connectors now show in the workflow designer.
    I have updated the LDCs and restarted the service but, still not showing.
    Any ideas?
  • Autoindex status

    Does anyone know what the difference is between the status of "stopped" and "On Hold" within Autoindex?
    I have several AIXs showing as "stopped" but there appears to be no difference in the configuration of those that show as "On Hold"

    Many Thanks
  • Document Trays

    What can cause imported documents to be stored in the admin document tray instead of the filing cabinet. This happened for approx. 2 hours, with documents being stored back in the filing cabinet without intervention. The documents in the document tray had to be downloaded before re-importing
  • Db authentication

    I have a version 6.6 installation using windows authentication as the connection to the mssql database. I understand I can only use sql authentication now.  At what version did this change?