• Thanks the the information

    Thanks the the information Phil!  I'll pass this along.


  • Current Java Requirment


    What are the current Java requirements for DW 6.12 and up?

    I have been having a lot of Clients ask if both the JRE and Development packages are needed.  I know the JRE is needed for full text if being used and DW itself doens't require it. 

    Also, has there been any issues updating Java on DW server and it breaking full text?



  • I gave them this a an option

    I gave them this a an option when we first figure out the issue and downloaded it for them.


  • Thanks Phil, I will update

    Thanks Phil, I will update the client that has the issue.


  • Hello Phil,

    Hello Phil,


    Yes after more testing, we found that documents were printed in color from everything except from Chrome.

    I don't know if Chrome changed something, I haven't heard of this issue from any one else.

    I tried it on my PC and I have the same issue when printing from Chrome.  All Documents send to the DW printer are printing in B/W.


  • Default Desktop Printer to B/W or Color

    I'm looking to default some DW Desktop Printers to Color when printing into DW.

    There are no options when going to the printing defaults for the desktop printer.

    Where would you need to go to do this?



  • I have a couple of Docuware

    I have a couple of Docuware systems that seem to have the same issue.

    One has issues editing PDFs (PDF checklist form), tells them the document is locked by that same user.  They will wait at least an hour to try again and sometimes they wait until the next day.  This happens to everyone that tries to edit the PDF checklists.

    The other system has issues storing and appling stamps, they get the same error about the document being locked by that user.  They will close out of all their application on the PC to get past this error.  This doens't happen to everyone, but does happen to more than one person.

    In both cases it doesn't happen everytime and they are on 6.11.

  • Docuware PS Printer


    I have an issue with a user printing to DW Desktop Printer.  In the beginning, the printing into DW worked and the configurations were identified.  But now it works off and on, sometime identified and sometimes not.  Sometimes it just doesn't grab the correct info for indexing.  For part of one day the documents that were printed even ended up with what looks like WingDing fonts. 

    I have recreated the printer configurations and used newer invoices as the sample and installed hotfix 40 on v6.11.  Still have the same off and on issues. 


    Looking to install the PS printer.  I have never installed it before.  Since FAQ is down, I can't access any of the links I have found in the forum.  Is there another location I can find this information one where to download the PS printer and installing it?




  • Epson DS 530 desktop Scanner


    I have a customer that has Epson DS 530 Scanners that they have used for scanning in DW 5.1b.  We upgraded them to DW 6.11 and the DW Desktop scanner app will not see the Epson Twain driver.  Other apps on the PC still see the Twain driver, just not the Desktop scan app.  The customer uninstalled the driver, rebooted the PC and reinstalled the Twain driver.  They have also uninstalled DW Desktop and reinstalled.  The scanner is still not showing up.

    Anyone else had this issue with an Epson DS 530?