• Mass reassign for workflow tasks

    Is there an easy way to reassign several tasks to someone else? I can only do one at a time and I am needing to do about 500.

  • RE: View a document outside of DocuWare

    We offered that but for the clients that are going to use the viewer t hey didn't want to have them log into DocuWare when the viewer window popped up.
  • RE: View a document outside of DocuWare

    Thanks Joe! I was wondering if we would just need to download the file and have them view it in its native viewer. I was hoping we could kind of keep it locked to the DocuWare viewer. This way we wouldn't need to take a license though.
  • View a document outside of DocuWare

    Is there a way, through the API, that we can make a request to view a file that is stored in DocuWare? (Not logging into DocuWare just pull up the viewer, we would log in using an account through the API) We would have the index data of the file we need to view as well. I thought there used to be an example of this on the Platform examples but I cannot view those anymore.
  • Workflow question

    Is there a way to have a workflow update a status field on another document?
  • RE: Cloud User Synchronization Desktop App-1536786353

    Just wondering what errors you were seeing? I am getting errors stating Object Reference not set to an instance of an object. I am signed in as a domain admin and can browse their directory and move users. Not sure what is going on.
  • Understood, thank you for the

    Understood, thank you for the clarification.

  • I thought because of this

    I thought because of this line "Starting with DocuWare 6.7 the web components connect directly to the database server. Therefore it is not recommended and not supported to install DocuWare web components in a DMZ." Would we be able to install the front end (only option other than backend and intelligent indexing) option to a server on the DMZ and it still communicate to the SQL server not on the DMZ?

  • 7.0 and Reverse Proxy

    So all of the guides I have found regarding reverse proxies appear to only support up to version 6.11 or so. Is there anything special to do when you want to use a reverse proxy with 7.0, or is a reverse proxy even needed?



  • Document Relations

    We are needing to configure a document relation between 2 doctypes and a single field. However, on one doctype (Asset) the field is set to a keyfield and on the other doctype (Invoice) it is set to a text field. 

    I have created a relation, where you search for an invoice, once you have an invoice I can see my relation for the Asset doctype. I click on it but do not get any results. I have attached a screen shot of my document relation