• Ah, yeah we are able to do

    Ah, yeah we are able to do some things in 6.12 yet getting errors in 7.0. I have a ticket ongoing, I will let you know what happens. Thanks for the information.

  • Were you doing this in 7.0? I

    Were you doing this in 7.0? I am seeing some odd issues in 7 whereas in 6.12 it worked fine. We have uploaded 2 PDF files, checked them out, then tried to staple them. In 7.0 we get an error that states "Document “XX” is associated with document in progress and cannot be removed". In 6.12 it works fine.

  • API Stapling

    We are building a REST API that will look at a document and based off of specific criteria and if it meets it will staple the documents together so that they are pages to a full document. There is code from the Platform code examples that shows us how to do this

    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Linq;
    using System.Text;
    using System.Threading.Tasks;
    using DocuWare.Platform.ServerClient;

    namespace DocuWare.PlatformClientExamples
    static partial class Examples
    public static Document MergeDocuments(FileCabinet cabinet, List<int> docIds)
    Document mergedDocument = cabinet.PutToContentMergeOperationRelationForDocument
    new ContentMergeOperationInfo()
    Documents = docIds,
    Operation = ContentMergeOperation.Staple,
    Force = true
    return mergedDocument;

    But during testing we are getting the below error, are we missing something?
    "405 Method Not Allowed (File cabinets do not support StapleAsync)'"


  • Automatic Color Detection

    We have a client that used this setting in Fortis, for their Fujitsu Paperstream scanner. Now in DocuWare it seems to be ignoring this setting. If I have the driver set to color detection and scan through a document that has parts highlighted it will ignore the color, scan in black and white, and either fill in the highlighted parts or draw a box around the highlighted parts. Is there a way to get the color detection to work in DocuWare?

    I do have a work around, if they select the option, Show scanner device dialog, in the Scanner settings, they can then select the Auto-Color Default in the drop down of the paperstream settings, then press the scan button on there and it will scan with the highlights. This causes extra steps and we would need to see about shortening this.

  • Migration Maximum doctypes

    We have a client that has more than 20 doctypes (about 50) for one filecabinet. They are not wanting to split them up and I remember hearing about modifyng the docuware.fortisfilecabinetmigration.exe.Config file to increase the maxtypespercabinet section to the number that would work. I just want to make sure this is still something that can be done before increasing it and performing the migration.


  • Awesome, hopefully I can get

    Awesome, hopefully I can get some time later this afternoon and test. I will let you know what I find.


  • Ok, thank you Phil.

    Ok, thank you Phil.

  • Ok, thank you Phil.

    Double post for some reason, thanks :)

  • OCR Data

    I remember in Fortis if  you were to OCR a document it would add a page, or multiple pages, that would contain the OCR data in text format. You could then copy that data out and put it in an email or a Word document. Is there anything like that in DocuWare? Can we grab the OCR data when it is performed on a page/document?


  • No worries, I remember having

    No worries, I remember having this issues before and I cannot for the life of me remember what I did to resolve it. Here is the code that it does not like. I am taking the highlighted option, from the Listview and trying to pass it through for use of the stored document. So the user selects a File Cabinet, then when they hit a button it should store the data in the CSV file as a new data store for that File Cabinet that was selected. The error is occuring on the starred line for cabID


    string cabID = (fCabinet.SelectedItems)["File Cabinet"].ToString(); 

    *FileCabinet fileCabinet = cabID;*
    Document indexInfo = new Document();
    indexInfo.Fields = new List<DocumentIndexField>();
    indexInfo.Fields.Add(DocumentIndexField.Create("Contact", cell[1]));
    indexInfo.Fields.Add(DocumentIndexField.Create("Subject", cell[2]));
    Document uploadedDoc = fileCabinet.PostToDocumentsRelationForDocuments(indexInfo);